Saturday, December 29, 2012

Purple and Gold Water Marble

Good Morning everyone!!  Did y'all get any sleep?  Me either!!  New laptop + new Wi-Fi in house + trying to figure out how to use new laptop = absolutely no sleep for me!!  But as a result, I'm able to get two posts on in one day!

So this is what I ended up wearing on Christmas, a gold and purple water marble:

NOTE:  Click here to see my step-by-step tutorial on water marbling.

I Used:
Milani- 3D (holographic gold)
Color Club- Glitter Wonderland (purple with blue & red shimmer)

I started with two coats of Milani 3D.  I bought this during CVS's secret clearance sale and love it! It's a gorgeous gold linear holographic.  Then I used it and Color Club's Glitter Wonderland for the water marble.  The Milani worked wonderfully for the water marble; the Color Club, not so much.  It acted really weird...when I would drag my toothpick through the bull's eye, the Color Club would spread out or break apart.  I've had polishes not spread, or dry too quickly, but I've never had one do this.  The only thing I can figure out is that it is the perfume in this collection that makes it water marble unfriendly.  But as long as you aren't looking for a complicated design, they will work.

The Milani worked like a dream.  And since I was able to snag the entire 3D Holographic line, I see a Spring water marble in my future.

I do like how it turned out despite the Glitter Wonderland.  Hope y'all like it too!  Happy Polishing!!