Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ballet French Tips

Hi Everyone!!  Have you all recovered from the Christmas rush?  I think we have.  We had a fabulous Christmas!  I got a lap top from my hubby (my very first ever laptop!), and a Sally's gift certificate, another Sally's card from my sis/friend and nail polish from the bestie!!  Pretty good haul!!  What about you?  Tell me in the comments what you got!

Now as I may have mentioned a time or two (lol), I have an almost teenage daughter.  And like all teens, she's rebelling against her loud, gaudy, glitter-obsessed mom by loving quiet, soft things!  But she surprised the heck out of me by asking me to do her nails for Christmas!  But of course it was with her polish (at least she likes polish...don't know if I could take it if she didn't!).  About a month ago, her ballet studio had a contest and she won by naming a ballerina popular in the 1910's! Her prize was the O.P.I. NYC Ballet collection! (I would swatch it for you, but I'm not allowed to touch it!) And she wanted a design using these, so I chose a soft and delicate French tip for her:

I Used:
O.P.I.- Care To Danse (sheer lilac crème)
O.P.I.- Piroutte My Whistle (white hexagon and micro silver glitter in a clear base)

I started with three coats of O.P.I. Care To Danse.  And using the brush that came with the polish, I painted the French tips (see my tutorial on painting French tips here).  I think this turned out so pretty and demure, just like my ballerina!  Happy Polishing!!