Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ABC Challenge: U is for Urban Waves

**Some products in this post were provided to me for review.  The opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way**

Hello Lovelies!!!  I'm sorry this is so late.  I swear I've been bitten by a tse tse fly!! You know that fly that makes you sleep all the time?  I can't keep my eyes open today!!  Of course it could be the fact that I'm an insomniac.  Oh well.  I do have today's nails for you.  Today is U of the ABC Challenge and I have Urban Waves (or Undulating Urban for the double u's):
I Used:
China Glaze- Urban-Night
Piggy Polish- Teal The End of Time
Born Pretty Acrylic Rhinestones
Medium Liner Brush

I love this mani.  And I really love these two colors together!  It's simple, but there's shimmer, rhinestones and purple (ok, plum but it's all purple to me), all my favorite things!  And it's a pretty easy mani as long as you use my little trick.

I started with two coats of China Glaze Urban Night, a beautiful, dark, smokey plum/purple crème.  Next came the Piggy Polish Teal the End of Time, a shimmery teal polish with a gold duochrome.  Once that was dried, I placed three dots on my nails to guide my wave:  One in the middle, and one to the left of that by the cuticle and one to the right at the tip.  These are my starting and ending spots:
Sorry, it's a little hard to see, but it gives you the idea.  I then started at the center spot and, using a medium liner brush to draw the waves.  Don't worry if the center dot shows, you're going to cover it with a rhinestone.

Once the wave has dried, I applied the top coat.  Then using the top coat, I placed a dot of top coat where I wanted the rhinestone and then sunk the rhinestone in.  I loved the rhinestones!  They  are from the Born Pretty Store (click here to see the rhinestones!!  I will have a full review of them coming soon!)  These are such beautiful rhinestones!!!  They are unusual colors:  teals, purples, neons, all with an aurora borealis finish!!  And all at a fabulous price!! these were sent to me for a review and I will have a full review of them next week.  Once you've placed the rhinestones,  you're done! 
Be sure to check out all the other fabulous "U" manicures done by this incredible group of talented ladies!!!  Happy Polishing!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ulta FX Top Coats Review & Swatches

Hi y'all!!  How are you on this Tuesday?  Since I'm reviewing FOUR top coats for you today, I'm going to get right to it (it's kind of long,  but so worth it!).  When the May Ulta sales flyer came out, I saw they had a 4 piece special effects top coat and I knew I HAD to have it!  It took me a while to get there, but I made it:
They are, from left to right, as described by Ulta:
Color Enhancing Top Coat- "Brightens and intensifies any nail enamel.  Pops in direct sunlight and glows under black light."
Matte Top Coat- "Create a matte effect when applied over any shade."
Holographic Top Coat- "Futuristic rainbow holographic effect when used alone.  Silvery holographic frost when used over any colored nail enamel."
Smokey Top Coat- Gives any shade of nail polish a dark smokey effect.  Extends wear and increase shine."

And the nail polishes I used were:
Piggy Polish- Pink-ing of You (a super shimmery pink)
Nina Ultra Pro- Lilacing Discipline (lilac crème)

Are you dying to see the results??  All Pictures show two coats of the base color with ONE coat of the top coat.  Ok, first up is Piggy Polish Pink-ing of You (in direct sun):
Thumb: my normal top coat (Pro-FX High Gloss Quick Dry Top Coat)
Index:  Color Enhancing Top Coat
Middle Finger:  Matte Top Coat
Ring Finger:  Holographic Top Coat
Pinky:  Smokey Top Coat

And the crème, Nina Ultra Pro Lilacing Disipline (in direct sun):
Thumb:  Normal top coat (Pro-FX High Gloss Quick Dry Top Coat)
Index:  Smokey Top Coat
Middle Finger:  Holographic Top Coat
Ring Finger: Matte Top Coat
Pinky: Color Enhancing Top Coat

Ok, so let's take them one at a time.  First up, Color Enhancing Top Coat.  To be honest, I can't tell any difference between it and my regular top coat.  They looked identical to me.  It was a nice, glossy top coat and since I can't find my regular one anymore, I'm glad to have it.  I don't have any pictures of it under black light, because I don't have a black light, but I'm sure it glows.  If I come across a light, I'll give it a try.

Next is the Matte Top Coat.  This worked just like any matte top coat.  Although I so like the matte on the Piggy Polish more than the crème.  But that's just my preference.  The Matte Top Coat worked perfectly on both types of polish.

Next we have the Holographic Top Coat.  Oh my goodness!!  Who doesn't love holo???  And this worked perfectly.  And although for some reason it looks sedated in the pictures, it was a gorgeous, bright linear holo in person.  I do think this one looked better on the crème, but again, that is just my opinion.  It worked fabulously.  You could use two coats and just wear it alone.  It would be fabulous!

Last is the Smokey Top Coat.  This was the one I was probably most excited about, but I'm not sure how I feel about it.  On the super shimmery Piggy Polish, it was fabulous!  It went on smoothly and evenly.  And it did give the pink polish a dark, smokey look and I loved it!  But then came the crème.  Ugh.  Big difference.  One coat looked streaky and for some reason on the lilac, it shrunk from the edges.  Weird. 

My bottom line?  I'm happy that I bought them.  The only one I'm not sure about is the Smokey Top Coat, but I will give it another try soon.   These are available through Ulta and are $14.99.  What do y'all think of them?  Let me know in the comments!  Until later, Happy Polishing!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Red, White & Blue Memorial Day

Hi Every one!!!  And to my American followers, Happy Memorial Day!!  Do y'all have any big plans today?  We don't.  The hubby has to work, which really stinks.  It only bothers me because he has to work every Memorial Day. 4th of July and Labor Day (plus Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, etc.) because the other manager always takes those off.  Grrrrrrr!!  So anyway, we don't have any plans.

But enough venting, on to today's mani.  Now, I did this really late last night, so please forgive the bad clean up and some running, but it just isn't as noticeable in real life as in the photos.
I Used:
Nina Ultra Pro- French White (white crème)
Zoya- Sarah (red with red and gold shimmer)
China Glaze- Blue Year's Eve (blue with blue and pink shimmer)
Holo Star Glitter
Scotch Tape

For this mani I started with two coats of the Nina Ultra Pro French White, my favorite white crème.  Once that had dried, I used scotch tape to tape off the section I was going to paint the tips:
(Remember to remove some of the stickiness from the tape by placing the tape on your palm a couple of times)  Once the tape is in place I used Zoya Sarah for the red.  Sarah is a gorgeous red polish with red and gold micro glitter/shimmer.  This was the first time I used the polish and I was really disappointed.  The formula was great, it only took one coat to get the perfect look.  But that's where the good ended, I thought this polish would never dry!  I sat for 30 minutes doing nothing, and it still wasn't dry. It wasn't even tacky, it came right off.  Ugghhhhh!!!  I'm so disappointed, it's such a gorgeous polish.

After that had finally dried, I used scotch tape and taped off the bottom portion of my  nail for the blue, China Glaze Blue Year's Eve.  Then I thought it would be really cute to place  couple of stars on my nail as an accent.
I painted my top coat and while that was still wet, I placed three holographic stars on my ring finger in the white section.  As you can see, only one remains.  I have pretty curvy nails, so I couldn't get the stars to lay flat.  Oh well.

I do really like this mani, and the imperfections aren't noticeable in real life.  And it's my way of honoring those who served in the US Military.  Thank you to all who have served and a huge thank you to their families.  Happy Memorial Day and Happy Polishing!!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Raspberry Pointe Shoes

HI Y'all!!  I'm so sorry I was missing yesterday.  The now-a-teen was at a sleepover, where she literally didn't sleep and I couldn't sleep, so when we got home yesterday we each layed down on a couch and crashed!! 

And today I have a million things to do, so I'm going to make this a quick post before I jump in the shower!  For today I have Raspberry Pointe Shoes for you:
I Used:
Ulta- Wicked (raspberry crème)
Orly- Rage (light pink shimmer)
Striping Tape

Ok, I didn't plan on these looking like pointe shoes, but when I was done that was all I could think of.  Maybe it's because the now-a-teen has been so busy with dance, lol.  I started with two coats of Ulta Wicked on all my nails.  I love this polish.  It's such a rich looking pink/burgundy/raspberry color.  And, like with all Ulta polishes, the formula was a dream.  The pictures show the true color, it looks different inside and outside.

When that had dried completely, I used striping tape to lay out the design.  The funny thing was, I was going to make it look random.  Fail!!  But I do like the design, and love anything that reminds me of my daughter.  And Orly Rage definitely reminds me of *new* pointe shoes.  Once the tape was down, I painted two coats of Rage.  Once the second coat was applied, I immediately removed the tape.  Then just top with top coat!

I hope you have a fabulous day!!  Happy Polishing!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ABC Challenge: T is for Taboo by Chanel

Hello my Lovelies!!  It's Wednesday!!  Half way to the weekend!!  I can't wait.  I have a busy week, so I'm looking forward to a restful, no make up, go no where type of weekend.  Although tonight will be fun.  The now-a-teenager is going to a sleep-over and all the moms are going out to dinner.  Or as we call ourselves, "The REAL Dance Moms".

Today is the ABC Challenge, and it's T is for Taboo by Chanel!!
Oh.  My.  Goodness!!!  Look at that yumminess!!  Chanel Taboo has been on the top of my lemming list since I first started blogging.  And that is where I expected it to stay.  As much as I wanted it, I just couldn't see myself paying that much for one small bottle of polish.  In comes the wonderful hubby who bought it for me for Mother's Day!!!!!  Got to love that man!!
But which picture shows the real color of Taboo you ask?  BOTH!!  This is an incredible chameleon polish that shifts colors completely!!  Both of the above pictures were taken outside in full sun.
The above photo was taken in my light box.

This polish is a dark, vampy purple with burgundy, blue and purple micro shimmer.  The pictures show two coats with top coat, although you could totally get away with one coat.  The formula was a bit thick for me, but it did go on perfectly.  There was no flooding or dragging.  It was just perfection!!
Sigh.  I could just sit here staring at my nails.  But I can't wait to see what the other fabulous ladies have come up with for T!!  And even though this challenge is almost over (so sad), we're gearing up for a summer challenge so you will still get to see this incredible group of women!!  Go check them out and Happy Polishing!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Purple & Glitter

Hello Lovelies!!  I hope y'all are all doing well today.  My heart breaks for everyone in Moore, OK.  I was thrilled to hear from my Oklahoma family last night and they are all fine.  I'm praying for all the other families out there.

For today's mani, I wanted something pretty and glittery.  Since purple is my favorite color and I just got two new fabulous purple polishes, this was easy to choose:
I Used:
OPI- Purple With A Purpose
Finger Paints- Are You Hoppy?

First up is OPI Purple With A Purpose.  Love, love, love this polish!!  It's a blue leaning purple with a lavender shimmer.  The pictures show two coats.  It went on perfectly, no balding or brush strokes.  It was a wonderful consistency.  Just all kinds of wonderfulness!

Then, because you know how I am about glitter, I topped it with Finger Paints Are You Hoppy?  Are You Hoppy? was part of Finger Paints Spring collection.  It is a clear base with lavender flakies.  Pictures show one coat.  Loved this!  I didn't have to fish for the flakes.  The flakes were all kinds of fun irregular shapes.  The only issue I had was that this polish does not dry all!  I suggest when the polish reaches the tacky stage (almost dry) that you pat the flakies down.  And of course use a good top coat.

Hope y'all enjoy this.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for the ABC Challenge!  Until then, please keep Moore, Oklahoma in your thoughts and prayers.  And of course, Happy Polishing!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sparkly Chevron Mani & Pedi

Hi Everyone!!  I have a big post for you today (and it's picture heavy) so I'm going to get right to it!!  Saturday was the now-a-teenager's dance recital.  I was so excited!  It was the first time to see her dance en pointe and, because we were sick the entire month of March, the first time I saw her in her costumes.  So I went out and I bought this fabulous dress to wear:
And I wanted my fingers and toes to match!  So here is the mani and pedi I came up with:
I Used:
Nina Ultra Pro- French Crème
Sinful Colors- Black on Black
Crystazzi Rhinestones
Scotch Tape

First I want to tell you these pictures were just taken today (Monday afternoon) and I did the mani/pedi on Friday, so it wore really well.  (See, my method of placing rhinestones works, ha ha).  And second, I got a ton of compliments on them.  Yes, them.  People even noticed my toes!

To do these, I started by painting all my fingers and toes with two coats of Nina Ultra Pro French Crème.  Once that had dried completely, I used scotch tape to tape off the ends of my fingers and toes, forming a V shaped French tip.  Then I painted the V shape with Sinful Colors Black on Black.  For my big toes, I did the above, and then cut a V shape out of the scotch tape to make the Chevron shape.  And repeated the process for my accent fingers.  This will work great for short nails too.  Either make the white tips smaller or more of a v shape like I did my toes.

To place the crystal rhinestones, I just put a generous drop of top coat where I wanted the rhinestone to go, then dropped the stone there.  I love this method of placing rhinestones because it allows all of the sparkle to show and still holds them in place securely.

I LOVE how these turned out.  I hate to take them off!  I think I'll keep the pedi for a while...  I hope you like my Sparkly Chevrons.  See you tomorrow!  Happy Polishing!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

May Flowers

Hi Lovelies!!!  It's Thursday!!  The weekend is almost here and that means Summer vacation is that much closer...come on Sunday!!  Today is the now-a-teenager's dress rehearsal.  That may not seem like a big deal, until you factor in all the stuff that has to go with her: costumes, make up (there's a lot), all the dance shoes...  But I can't wait to see her dance!  So I did a pretty and simple design for today's post, May Flowers:
I Used:
Orly- La Vida Loca
Bonita- had no name (yellow with a silver shimmer)
Sinful Colors-  (lilac crème)
Medium Dotting Tool (or a toothpick)

I started with two coats of Orly La Vida Loca.  Love this color!!!  It's a neon-ish, purple-ish, pink-ish shimmer.  I'm just in love with it!!  Then the flowers were just made with a dotting tool (or a toothpick would work perfectly).  Just put a couple of drops of polish on a plate or a piece of paper and dip the toothpick in the polish.  Then just make the dots in a circular pattern. 
You can make this design as simple or as elaborate as you want.  It would also make a great pedicure!  I hope you enjoyed today's post!  Happy Polishing!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ABC Challenge: S is for Sand and Sparkle

Hi Y'all!!!  How are y'all doing today?  I hope you are having a fabulous day!  I'm so excited and tired.  We have another incredibly busy week this week, but Summer starts Sunday!!!  We have two whole weeks off before the now-a-teenager starts back with dance.  I think I'm going to hibernate for those two weeks!!

Today is the ABC Challenge and it's the letter S!! I have Sand and Sparkle for you!!  Or in other words, Magazine Cover Mouse from OPI's new Minnie Mouse collection:
Pictures do not do this polish justice!  I was originally going to do an accent nail a different color and a Minnie design, but the second I put this polish on my first nail I just had to leave it alone.  It was far too pretty to cover! Here is a blurred picture to show you the sparkle:
Magazine Cover Mouse is a red textured polish with orange undertones and small gold and red glitter.  The formula was a little thick, but it went on really well.  Actually a bit too well, it flooded my cuticles and there's nothing harder to clean up than glitter and red polish (so please excuse the poor clean up)!  It's a glitter bomb, but in a subtle way, ha ha, figure that out.  This is such a pretty polish though.  When I first saw pictures of it in the Ulta catalog, I wasn't impressed, but then when I saw it in person, I had to have it!!!  And I'm so glad that I did, I love it!!

Be sure to check out all the other fabulous ladies and their S designs.  They are incredible this week!!  And I hope your day is wonderful!  Happy Polishing!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Simple Scroll

Hi y'all!!  See?  I told you I had a post for you today!  But I have to hurry, the now-a-teenager has dance soon.  So I wanted to try one of my new polishes, but it was so hard to decide!!  I finally chose one that I had seen in the Ulta catalog, OPI Significant Other Color, and a simple design to go with it:
I Used:
OPI- Significant Other Color
OPI- Purple With A Purpose
Acrylic Rhinestones (light green and purple)
Fine Liner Brush

I love this polish!!!!  OPI Significant Other Color is a pale lilac duochrome polish that shifts between a light pink and green!!  And the shift is incredibly obvious in person.  I'm so upset that I couldn't get a good photo of the shift.  But see that green rhinestone?  That is the shade of green in the duochrome.  The polish is fabulous!  The formula was perfect.  The pictures show three coats, but two would have been fine. 

Then just using a fine detail brush and Purple With A Purpose, I drew a scroll and added 3 dots.  Then using my top coat (and the same technique for rhinestones I described here) to apply the light green and purple acrylic rhinestones.  Sadly, since I was doing this mani around midnight, my other hand didn't turn out as well:
I really like this design, and it reminds me of two wonderful ladies I know.  I will see y'all later!!  Happy Polishing!!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Water Marble (& Haul)

Happy Day After Mother's Day Day!!!!  Did y'all have a good day yesterday?  I hope whether you are a mom, a daughter, the mom to a four footed baby, your mother has passed on, or you're just a fabulous woman, that you had a fabulous day yesterday!!  I definitely did!!  And at the end of the post I will tell and show it to you :)

But first, since it was my day, I decided to do what I wanted for my nails.  So water marble is my favorite technique, and purple and turquoise are my favorite colors, I did a purple and turquoise water marble!!
I Used:
Nina Ultra Pro- Lilac-ing Discipline (violet crème)
Sinful Colors- Amethyst (purple crème)
Sinful Colors- Enchanted (dark purple crème)
China Glaze- Aquadelic (light turquoise crème)
China Glaze- Turned Up Turquoise (neon turquoise shimmer)


I love how it turned out!  If I had just added rhinestones, it would have been perfect!!
And now for Mother's Day.  I am the extremely proud mom to one beautiful 13 year old girl and 2, two year old Chinese Chins (doggies, but I don't use that word), and a wonderful husband who indulges me!  So here is my Mother's Day haul:

The black and white diamond ring is from the lovely teenager, the Chanel Taboo is from my fabulous hubby who read my lemming list and bought a polish I never would have bought for myself, and the rest was an Ulta shopping spree from my four legged babies, Count Damon and Countess Delilah!  I can not wait to show y'all all the fabulous polishes I got yesterday!!  Be looking for them in my upcoming blog posts!!  Have a wonderful day and I will talk to y'all soon!!  Happy Polishing!!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shimmering Water Color

Hello My Darlings!!  Happy Thursday!!  I hope every one is doing great today!!  I have another super busy day thanks to the now-a-teenager.  She has her yearbook party (yes I still homeschool, but she takes a couple of classes a week at a co-op and they have yearbooks), then dance rehearsal.  Going to be a long day for the Momma again!  I already want a nap.  But I wouldn't change a thing :)

For today's mani, I used the water color technique:
I Used:
China Glaze- Dandy Lyin' Around (white base with silver shimmer)
China Glaze- Fancy Pants (blurple with pink/fuchsia shimmer)
China Glaze- Sexy in the City (blue with aqua shimmer)
100% Acetone (note below for acrylic users)
Brush (any type of brush, even a child's paint brush)

Water color is such a neat effect that is so easy.  No matter what, you can't go wrong!!  Here's how:

Start with two coats of your lightest color, in this case two coats of Dandy Lyin' Around.  Be sure to put a top coat on once it dries.  This will help keep the acetone from removing the base color.  Once that dries completely, place drops of your polishes on your nail.  Be sure to work with only one nail at a time.  I used all three China Glaze polishes for this step.  Then dip the brush in the acetone.
Note for acrylic and natural nails:  100% acetone can be used on both acrylic and natural nails.  But if that makes you nervous, you can substitute regular polish remover or non-acetone remover.
All you do is swirl the brush, wet with acetone, through the drops of polish.  That's it!!  That easy!!  If you remove more color than you wanted (I had to go back and add the white), then just add another drop of that color..
I promise it's that easy!  Have fun and Happy Polishing!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

MABB Bi-Weekly Beauty Question 5/8

Every other Wednesday, the Metro Atlanta Beauty Bloggers will answer a beauty-related question just for fun! This week's question is... What are your beauty "bad habits"?

Sadly I have a lot of bad habits, but the worst and the most all center around my skin.  These are so bad.  I have a tendency to take afternoon my make up.  I don't always do the cleansing ritual everyday.  I rarely wear sunscreen.  And I don't lotion up everyday, and since moving to Georgia from Florida, I tend to have dry skin, especially my feet.  Oh, one more, I don't always clean my skin as well as I should, even on the days I do cleanse.   Like this weekend, I was exhausted and it was a quick wash and to bed!  Maybe now that I've publicly admitted them *hangs my head in shame* I will change them. 

Be sure to see what the other fabulous ladies' bad habits are!!  Links are below.

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If you would like to see previous questions and answers, you can do so by viewing the Question Archive here. If you're a beauty blogger in the Metro Atlanta area and would like to join us, please visit our website! We would love to connect with you!

ABC Challenge: R is for Rhinestones

Hi Lovelies!!  Happy Wednesday!  We are half way to Friday and the weekend.  I can't wait!  We have dance stuff on Saturday, but then my Mother's day gift is a trip to Ulta!!!  Yay!!  You may remember the closest Ulta is over 45 miles away, so I don't get to go very often.

Today is the ABC Challenge, and the letter is R.  I can't believe we are already to R!  Someone needs to hurry up and get the next challenge planned!!  Meanwhile, I have R is for Rhinestones!!
I Used:
Orly- Choreographed Chaos (light pink with subtle blue shimmer)
Crystazzi ss10 Aqua Flatback mix (crystal rhinestones bought at Michael's)
Crystazzi ss10 Crystal Flatback (crystal rhinestones bought at Michael's)

I really loved this design!  But of course, it sparkled, so what's not to love??  I started with two coats of Choreographed Chaos from the new Orly Mash Up collection.  Loved this color!!  It's a pretty, almost Barbie, color with a slight blue shimmer.  The formula was perfect and fast drying.

Next I put one thin coat of top coat and let that dry.  Next came applying the rhinestones.  I do my rhinestones a little differently.  I mean, I spend the money on crystal rhinestones, or acrylic ones, I want to see them sparkle and shine!! My way does work.  I wore these for right over 48 hours, 48 of my busiest hours possible...little sleep, dress rehearsal, shows, cooking, showers, etc and I only lost one.  But here is my way.  First be sure you are using a really good top coat, one that levels off (doesn't leave brush strokes).  Place one pretty thick dot of top coat where you want the rhinestone, then sink the stone into it.  This helps cover the edges and gives you longer wear.  Repeat this process with each rhinestone.  Be sure to do them one at a time, especially if you have a fast drying top coat.  This way you get all the sparkle!!

Be sure to join me in checking out all the other fabulous designs by these lovely ladies!!  Happy Polishing!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bowling Ball Water Marble

Hi Y'all!!  Happy Tuesday!  My now-a-teenager and I had a fabulous day off doing absolutely nothing all day.  Those are so nice once in a while, aren't they?  But today is our busiest day of the week. But I do have today's post ready for you!  Today is my bowling ball water marble:
I Used:
Nina Ultra Pro- French White (white crème)
Orly- Glowstick (neon yellow)
Orly- Charged Up (medium to dark purple crème)
China Glaze- VIII (dark purple crème)

Click here for my water marble tutorial!!

So yes, you read that correctly!  These are my bowling ball water marble nails.  I was at a bowling alley recently looking for this "stuff" my Dad used on his blisters (he was a big time bowler) for my poor daughter's ballerina feet.  The pro shop was closed but when I peeked in I saw the coolest bowling ball ever!!  It was neon yellow and dark purple marble-like thing.  The second I saw it I knew it was my next water marble!
Light Box
Don't forget to check out my tutorial above for how to do water marble.  I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!!  I will be back tomorrow with the ABC Challenge (it's R!) and a new MABB Question.  I will be reading your comments and of course if you have any questions, just let me know!  Happy Polishing!!