Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ABC Challenge: T is for Taboo by Chanel

Hello my Lovelies!!  It's Wednesday!!  Half way to the weekend!!  I can't wait.  I have a busy week, so I'm looking forward to a restful, no make up, go no where type of weekend.  Although tonight will be fun.  The now-a-teenager is going to a sleep-over and all the moms are going out to dinner.  Or as we call ourselves, "The REAL Dance Moms".

Today is the ABC Challenge, and it's T is for Taboo by Chanel!!
Oh.  My.  Goodness!!!  Look at that yumminess!!  Chanel Taboo has been on the top of my lemming list since I first started blogging.  And that is where I expected it to stay.  As much as I wanted it, I just couldn't see myself paying that much for one small bottle of polish.  In comes the wonderful hubby who bought it for me for Mother's Day!!!!!  Got to love that man!!
But which picture shows the real color of Taboo you ask?  BOTH!!  This is an incredible chameleon polish that shifts colors completely!!  Both of the above pictures were taken outside in full sun.
The above photo was taken in my light box.

This polish is a dark, vampy purple with burgundy, blue and purple micro shimmer.  The pictures show two coats with top coat, although you could totally get away with one coat.  The formula was a bit thick for me, but it did go on perfectly.  There was no flooding or dragging.  It was just perfection!!
Sigh.  I could just sit here staring at my nails.  But I can't wait to see what the other fabulous ladies have come up with for T!!  And even though this challenge is almost over (so sad), we're gearing up for a summer challenge so you will still get to see this incredible group of women!!  Go check them out and Happy Polishing!!