Friday, May 3, 2013

Neon Art Deco French Tips

Hi Lovelies!!!  Here is my second post of the day!  I'm on a roll this week :)

This is a Neon Art Deco design:
I Used:.
Orly- Hot Shot (neon pink that leans towards a salmon color)
Hard Candy- Pee Wee Purple (super shimmery purple)
Liner Brush

I started with two coats of Orly Hot Shot.  The above picture, taken outside, is a pretty accurate depiction of the color, a bright, neon pink that looks like it has a little bit of salmon in it.  Once that was dried I applied a top coat.  I always apply a top coat over my base color when doing nail art.  That way if I make a mistake, I can use a small brush and 100% acetone to clean it up without removing any of the base color.
Then using a really thin brush or liner brush, I painted on the Hard Candy Pee Wee Purple.  I started at the cuticle and drew a straight (ish) line to the tip of my nail.  Then using the same brush, I started at the line in the middle of the nail and painted outwards toward the tip.  The line ended at a little above the nail line.  To help with drawing the line, make a small dot using the polish so you know where you want the line to end and can make both sides even.
Lastly, add a top coat to protect the design.  Hope y'all have enjoyed a different take on French nails.  Y'all have a fabulous Friday and Happy Polishing!!