Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Red, White & Blue Dry Marble

Morning Y'all!!  How have you been?  I've really missed you!  Not to be too personal, but I've had some issues the last few weeks, health wise, blog wise, and I just couldn't keep up the blog.  And, I just needed a vacation.  And while many of the issues are still going on, I feel well enough to start back up.

And the first design I have for you is a Red, White & Blue Dry Marble.  I know I'm a bit late for the 4th of July, but I always think red, white & blue is good for the whole month of July.  When I think of July's color, I always think of those colors.  You know, like December is Winter White, May is  You don't think of what color each month is?  Just me?  Ok then...  Here's my dry marble design:

I Used:
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White (white crème)
Finger Paints- Surf's Up (blue shimmer)
Finger Paints- Be My Baby (red shimmer with slight pink undertones)
Detail Brush
So this is my first successful dry marble, and I learned what I was doing wrong on every other attempt.  To start this mani, I painted my index finger with one coat of Finger Paints Be My Baby; my middle finger with one coat of Finger Paints Surf's Up; and the rest with Sinful Colors Snow Me White.  Let that dry completely.
For the rest of the mani you need to work one nail at a time.  Paint the second coat of your base color.  While it's still wet, place a couple of drops of the other two colors on the nail.  For me, bigger drops worked better. If they are too small, they will mix into a new color.  Then taking a fine brush, swirl through the colors :)  I did a kind of zig zag pattern, alternating side to side, top to bottom.
Then, let it dry and add top coat.

Hope y'all enjoyed today's mani.  Happy Polishing!!