Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Toes (Orange and Black Pedicure)

Hi Everyone, I have a wonderful, glittery art design for your toes.  I realize that a lot of folks aren't wearing flip-flops in the fall (although we are here in the south), but you still see your toes, so keep them polished and sparkling. And this pedicure is guaranteed to put you in a Fall mood.

I Used:
China Glaze- Liquid Leather (black)
China Glaze- Roguish Red (orange-red)
China Glaze- Glitter Goblin
Black Glitter
Fan Brush (optional)
Scotch Tape

Start with two coats of Roguish Red.  When that has dried completely, place scotch tape diagonally across each toe nail.  Remember to place the scotch tape on the palm of your hand a couple of times to remove the stickiness.  Make sure the edge of the tape is placed firmly down on your nail so the polish won't leak underneath. 

Next, paint a thick coat of the black polish, but DO NOT remove the tape.  I know, that's different.  Let that dry for a few minutes, then paint Glitter Goblin over the black.  Glitter Goblin (orange and holographic glitter in clear base) is pretty dense so one coat will probably work.  You want some of the black to show through.  As soon as you've painted the glitter, immediately remove the tape and let dry completely.

For the next step, work on one nail at a time.  Carefully paint one coat of clear polish (or top coat) over the Roguish Red only.  While that is still wet, using a fan brush (or your fingers) lightly sprinkle black glitter over the orange half of your nail.  Repeat with each nail, then top with your favorite top coat.

I hope you enjoy your glittery toes!  Happy Polishing!!