Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Galaxy/Breast Cancer Remembrance (& Tutorial)

Hi Everyone!  As y'all know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I have planned a few nail designs.  For my first design, I wanted to honor two fabulous friends.  One was my best friend through jr. high, high school, etc. through today and the other is my bestie today.  Both of these wonderful women lost their beautiful mothers to breast cancer and I wanted a way to remember them.  So here is my design:  two pink stars shining bright in our galaxy in remembrance of these great moms.

I Used:
China Glaze- Liquid Leather
China Glaze- White on White
Finger Paints- Plum Startled
Sinful Colors- Why Not
Rimmel- Wild Orchid
Sally Girl- very pale pink
China Glaze- Pink Voltage
Orly- Shine On Crazy Diamond
Make up sponges
Medium Liner Brush (see tip on brush info)
Dotting Tool (see tip on making your own dotting tool)

The fun thing about galaxies is they don't have to be perfect, so don't worry- you can do this.  Start with two coats of black polish and let that dry completely before starting the next step.  If it is still wet, the black polish will come off.

Then you need sponges.  I use cheap make-up sponges from the dollar store.  Cut them up into uneven pieces and wet them.  This will make them expand and give you a better effect.  Start by sponging white polish where you want the galaxy to be placed.  This will help it stand out against the black.  Be sure to place the galaxy in a different spot for each nail.  When sponging on the white polish make it just a bit smaller than you want the final galaxy to be to help blend it in.  Then going from your darkest polish to the lightest. 

Here are a few tips to help with your galaxy:
1.  Turn the sponge as you dab to help give your galaxy a varied look.
2.   Avoid hard edges, blend the colors into each other and into the black.
3.   Try to avoid covering your entire nail with the galaxy.  You want some of the black to show through, even if it's only a little.
4.  If you have sponged over too much of your nail, or don't like an area, sponge over it with black nail polish.
5.  Have fun with it!!  There is no right answer, go with the look you like!

For the ring finger stars, I used a medium length liner brush (see link above for information on brushes) and China Glaze's Pink Voltage.  Then using the liner brush, just make four intersecting lines (see pictures below).  I made two stars for the two women I know.  You may make as many as you like.  Or if you don't know anyone who has/had breast cancer, you could make one large star for all the women battling this disease.

For the ribbon on my thumb, again I used the medium liner and Pink Voltage.  When loading your brush with polish, cover the entire length of it.  Then lay the brush down on your thumb diagonally.  Do this again making a large X.  Using either a dotting tool or a short, thin bristled brush, make a small arch to make the loop of the ribbon. 

Using the dotting tool and white polish, make random dots (or stars) in various sizes all over your nails.  Then go over your entire nail with a holographic glitter to add to the star effect.  Just go easy on the glitter (yes, I said go easy on the glitter-hard to believe I know!).  Don't forget the top coat!

And more importantly, don't forget regular self exams and yearly mammograms!  Happy Polishing!!

Left hand:

Right Hand: