Friday, October 19, 2012

Pink and Purple Glitter

Hi Everybody!!  TGIF!!  Are you ready for the weekend?  Any big plans?  Our plans are still up in the air for the most part, other than going to the ballet tomorrow night.  My youngster loves going to see ballets, I guess since she has danced for 8 years and is still working hard at it.  Since it is a contemporary ballet, I decided to go with glitter for my weekend manicure. 

I love, love, love how this tuned out.  Not only did I get the look I was going for, I was able to add pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The two polishes ended up looking like they were made for each other. 

I Used:

Finger Paints- Plum Startled
Orly- Be Brave


I started with two coats of Plum Startled.  I love this color.  It's from Finger Paints fall collection.  It's a plum/berry color with a blue and purple glittery shimmer to it.  A beautiful color on its own.  And on clearance at Sally's right now.

Light (sorry I didn't clean up, but I wasn't done yet)

Then I added two coats of the Be Brave from Orly's Flash GlamFX collection.  You do need to place the glitter and be sure to let it dry between the two coats.  Also make sure that you tap down any glitter sticking up or over the edge of your nails.  I then topped it with two coats of my top coat to give it a smooth finish.  I really do love the final look.  It really is gorgeous in real life, even prettier than the pictures show.  Happy Polishing!!