Monday, October 29, 2012

Pink & White Abstract

Hi Everybody!  Hope y'all had a fabulous weekend!  Mine was full of young teen girls and sleepovers.  Although my child pretty much went two days without actually sleeping. LOL. 

I wanted to post a new manicure for y'all today, but I love my Halloween water marble so much, I can't force myself to take it off yet.  So instead I have an older manicure for you and it works great for Breast Cancer Awareness.  I've been holding on to this one trying to find the wonderful blogger that first came up with this design.  When my computer crashed, I lost all of my web sites, sadly including this one.  So if any of y'all know who did this design, let me know in the comments so I can post a link to her site. I can't quite remember it, but I this is close to an exact copy.  I promise this is an easy manicure and it gets TONS of compliments!  I did use a nail art brush and dotting tools, but I have tips for easy alternatives, just click here.

I Used:
Orly- White Tops
Orly- Preamp
Zoya- Charisma
Orly- Basket Case
China Glaze- Purple Panic
Nail Art by Diamond Cosmetics- Black
Sinful Colors Nail Art- Bad Chick

Start with two coats of Orly White Tops or whatever white polish you have.  Once that has completely dried, choose your first color.  I started with Orly preamp.  Put only a small amount of polish on your brush (can be the brush that came with the polish), and starting at the right top corner of your nail, brush down toward your cuticle lifting the brush before you reach your cuticle.  You want to leave a jagged edge with some of the white showing.

Then repeat with the next three colors making each color a different length.  Once that has completely dried, paint a line with the black polish from the bottom left corner of your nail, diagonally towards the top of your nail lifting as you go.  Make sure to stop before reaching the tip of your nail.  Then draw a white line from the opposite side.

With a dotting tool (see link above for what to use as a dotter) make dotes along the lines with the matching color.

One of the great things about this design is that every nail should be can't make a mistake!  I can think of a multiple of colors to do this in too.  I will be doing this one again!

And again, if y'all know who's design this is PLEASE let me know in the comments.  I want to give her all the credit!

And for everyone in the path of Sandy, my thoughts are with you.  Stay safe!