Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Water Marble

Hey Y'all!!!  I am SO sorry I've been missing the last week.  I woke up Tuesday with the plague!  Ok, maybe it wasn't the plague, but it felt like it.  I had bronchitis, sinus infection, fever, I was miserable.  But I'm on the road to recovery!! And I have a fabulous week of posts for you!  Including tomorrow!  There are 100 fabulous reasons to visit the blog April Fool's joke.

But for today, I have a Spring Water Marble for you!!
I Used:
Orly- Cheeky (medium peach with gold shimmer)
Zoya- Raven (black crème)
Pure Ice- Jaguar (gold shimmer)
I added the black because it's still cold and that makes me mad!!  Also because I love black and peach together, lol.

Be sure to look under popular post in the right hand column for Fall Water Marble, for step-by-step directions for water marbling.

I hope y'all enjoyed today's post!  Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the big surprise!!  Happy Polishing!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

TIOT: Lakme Mauve Mobile


Hey Y'all!!  How are you today?  I survived Monday, but I'm fighting getting sick.   I always get bronchitis around this time of year, thanks to my allergies, except last year when I went straight to pneumonia.  I really don't have time to be sick, so I'm swallowing vitamin C and Echinacea like candy!  Any other suggestions are welcome!

But on to today's Try It On Tuesday!   I have Lakme Mauve Mobile for you, another gift from my fabulous cousin when she went to India:
It's so funny, my cousin and our husband's were sitting at dinner trying to figure out what color this is.  It's a mauve-ish, brick red-ish, brown-ish crème.  Photos show two coats with top coat.
Whatever color this is, I love it!  It's very pretty on.  And the formula was wonderful.  There was a little streaking but the second coat evened everything out.
Thanks again to my wonderful Cuz and Cuz-in-law for bringing this back for me!

Have a fabulous Tuesday and Happy Polishing!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Review: Formula X Photoelectric & Equinox

Purchased Myself

Hey Y'all!!  So sorry I didn't post last Thursday or Friday :(  But my baby had to have oral surgery Friday and I was on Momma duty.  Poor thing.  This was the second of at least three.  All because of a fall she had when she was 4.  She was running and her cat tripped her.  But she did fabulous though!  So proud of her!  But it was an exhausting day for me.  And now I'm so old that it takes me two days to recover from it!

But I'm here, and as a bonus, I'll have two posts for you!!  First up is a review of two of Formula X Photoelectric and Equinox by Sephora. 

Photoelectric is an aqua blue with purple to blue shifting shimmer.
Pictures show two coats with top coat.  This polish was amazing!! So far, I have to say the Formula X polishes by Sephora have had fabulous formulas and this was no exception.  It went on smooth, without any balding or streaking.  And there were no brushstrokes.  I used two coats for opacity.
This was gorgeous!  It looked like foil.  Sadly, the sun never seems to rise in Georgia anymore, so I didn't get any photos outside, but this was so pretty on.  I love it!

Equinox is a medium purple with a purple shimmer and red undertones.
Photos show two coats with top coat.  This worked the same as Photoelectric, glided right on without any balding, streaking or brushstrokes.  And it was absolutely gorgeous too!
This also looked like foil and was just so pretty!

I love, love, LOVE these two polishes!!  They were very easy to apply and they gave huge pay outs!  They were beautiful on and I got a lot of compliments on them.  These are available exclusively at Sephora and retail for $12.50 each.

Have a fabulous day!  Happy Polishing!!

Purple & Blue Flashes

Hey Y'all!  Since this is my second (yay) post of the day, I'll get right to it.  Here is the design I came up with using Formula X Photoelectric and Equinox:
I Used:
Formula X- Photoelectric (blue with blue to purple shimmer)
Formula X- Equinox (purple shimmer)
Scotch Tape

This was a fun and easy manicure to do.  I started with two coats of Formula X Photoelectric on all my nails.  Then on every nail except the ring fingers, I placed two pieces of tape forming a V shape.  Next I painted a thick coat of Formula Equinox and immediately removed the tape.
I did the ring finger a little differently.  Since the blue is lighter, I painted the nail with the blue Formula X Photoelectric.  Then I cut out a V shape in the scotch tape, placed it on my nail and then painted two coats of Formula X Equinox.
Then top everything with top coat!
I hope y'all have a fabulous Monday!  Happy Polishing!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Reciprocal Gradient Tutorial

Hey Y'all!!  Happy last day of Winter!!  Finally!!  So, I've decided to continue my rebellion against
Winter with another Hurry Up Spring nail art design!  This may seem complicated as there are a few more steps than normal, but it doesn't take long and is so worth it!  So here is my Spring Reciprocal Gradient:
I Used:
China Glaze- White on White (white crème)
Sinful Colors- Unicorn (pale yellow crème)
Sinful Colors-Cream Soda (pastel peach crème)
Sinful Colors- Cotton Candy (pastel pink crème)
Sinful Colors- Mad About Hue (lilac crème)
Make Up Sponges
Scotch Tape

Start this Spring mani with two coats of white, I used China Glaze White on White.  I started with a white base coat to make sure the colors pop.
Next, paint thin lines of nail polish on a damp make up sponge.  Make sure that the lines are about the same length as your nails.  The order of colors is:  yellow, peach, pink and purple:
I made the yellow and peach a little thicker since the colors are so light.  Then dab the colors on your nails.  Remember to move the sponge around a little to make sure the colors blend.  This will require two coats, but they dry fast.
Once that has dried, place scotch tape on both sides of your nails making a vertical stripe.  I painted the stripe white, again to make sure the colors show.  Then repeat the sponging going the opposite way:
This takes two coats too.  Immediately remove the tape after the second coat.  Top your design with top coat and you're done!
I hope y'all enjoyed today's nail art!  Have a fabulous day and Happy Polishing!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

TIOT: Wet-n-Wild Stand The Test Of Lime

Hi Y'all!!  Happy Tuesday!  I hope you are having a warm and sunny day, cause I'm sure not!!  But, as long as it's cold, the pollen swarm won't start!

For today's Try It On Tuesday, I have a polish that I've had forever, Wet-n-Wild Stand The Test Of Time:
This was released as part of their "Pop" collection and for some reason I didn't buy it until it had been out for a while.
Pictures show three coats with top coat.  This went on really well.  There was some streaking which is why I painted three coats.  But the dry time on this was really fast.  Stand The Test Of Lime is a great light green that is just perfect for Spring and Summer.
I like it better out in the sun, but as y'all know, I'm partial to bright colors.  And though I don't think this is in anyway the color of a lime, I really like it.  I think y'all will see this a lot in the coming months!

Have a fabulous day and Happy Polishing!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Review: Urban Outfitters Gotta Have It & Bandeau

Bought Myself

Hey Y'all!!  Happy Monday and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!  Did you celebrate this weekend?  You may have noticed that I haven't noticed done any St. Patrick's Day manis this year.  Know why?  Because last year I did like four and then the teen and I missed ALL of March with pneumonia!  I blamed the manis so I didn't do any this year.  It's logical in my brain! 

But I do have a green polish for you today at least!  A green and a purple to be exact.  I recently went with the teen to Urban Outfitters and found two polishes that I fell in love with, Gotta Have It and Bandeau.  First up is Gotta Have It:
Gotta Have It is a pale green crème.  The pictures show two coats with top coat.  The first thing I noticed when I opened the bottle was I got one that had been opened, a lot.  It was all gunked up around the top.  Can I just say, I hate that!! 
The formula was interesting.  It seemed thick but it went on normally.  Weird huh?  But I didn't add thinner and in two coats it was completely opaque.  It dries to a glossy finish.  I really didn't have any issues with it.
Gotta Have It is so pretty and perfect for Spring.

Next up is Bandeau:
Bandeau is a blue leaning purple neon crème.  Pictures show two coats with top coat.  This one also acted weird, like it was thick, but it really wasn't.  I didn't have any trouble with application though.  It was completely opaque in two coats and had the waxy finish typical of neons. 
Isn't it pretty?
Ok, y'all know purple is my favorite color, but seriously, I love this color!!

I don't remember how much these were individually, but I do remember that they were two for $10.  And sadly, I only bought two.  I will definitely be going back!  Have y'all bought any Urban Outfitters polish?  What colors should I buy when I go back?

Hope y'all have a fabulous day and that the luck of the Irish is with you...cause we're all a little Irish on St. Patrick's Day!  Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Polishing!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Art Deco Double V Design

Hey Y'all!!  Happy Friday!!  Anyone have any big plans this weekend?  Anyone have any little plans for the weekend?  I think after the teen's dance classes and rehearsals, we're going to just come home and chill.  It's supposed to rain all day Sunday, so I'm thinking, comfort food pig out and catching up on all our DVR shows. 

Ok, so I had no idea what to call this design, so I went with what it looks like, Art Deco Double V Design:

I Used:
Urban Outfitters- Bandeau (dark neon purple)
Sparitual- Strength Diamond Shimmer (rose gold ultra shimmer)
Striping Tape
Scotch Tape

First off, I have a review coming next week for the Urban Outfitter polishes I bought.  But when I saw the Sparitual and Urban Outfitters Bandeau, I knew I had to come up with a design for these two colors.  I though they looked so fabulous together!

I started with two coats of Urban Outfitters Bandeau.  Once that was completely dry, it was time for the taping.  I used scotch tape to mark off a large V on all the nails.   Then, using striping tape, I taped off a small V shape in every other nail.  Sadly, my pictures didn't show the taping very well because of the dark polish and I used dark striping tape, but it will give you the idea at least:
Tips for taping:  For the taping your non-dominate hand, try holding the tape steady, stretched between your thumb and fingers and moving your finger into place, instead of moving the tape.  Also, it may be easier to use tweezers to place the striping tape since it's so small. 

Once all the tape is in place, paint two coats of Sparitual Strength Diamond Shimmer.  Once the second coat is painted, immediately remove the tape.
Don't forget to use top coat!!

Hope y'all enjoyed today's design and that you have a fabulous weekend!  Happy Polishing!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Polishes From India! First Up Lakme


Hey Y'all!!  So my fabulous Cuz, and her hubby, went to India for work.  So, besides being excited for her, my first thought was, please bring me back nail polish!!  And they did!!  While she was in meetings, my wonderful Cuz-in-law went and bought me some polish that I can't wait to share with you!!  They brought back six, and here are the first three!  All three of these are Lakme Absolute Fast & Fabulous.

Purple Plunge
Purple Plunge is a beautiful, soft lilac filled with micro glitter in silver, making it look almost like a glass fleck.
Photos show three coats, for opacity, with top coat.  The formula, while a little thin, was wonderful.  It applied nice and even without any streaking or balding.  And no brush strokes!!
Love this color!  And it's so perfect for Spring!

Crimson Scream
Crimson Scream is a rich red crelly, meaning it's in between a crème and jelly polish.
Pictures show three coats with top coat.  As you can see from the pictures, it's not quite opaque and I doubt a fourth coat would have changed that.  But I love it just the way it is!  The formula was fantastic!  It just glided on.  There wasn't any balding or streaking, just a nice even coverage.

Aqua Blast
Aqua Blast is just that!  A highly pigmented bright blue crème.  Pictures show three coats with top coat.
The formula was great, if not a tad thin.  Unlike the other two that took three coats for opacity, this one took three coats because of streaking.
I love this color so much!!!  I think this one is my favorite of the six!  Look at all that gorgeousness!!

While all three colors required three coats, they dried super fast so it wasn't a big deal.  They were all easy to use and had a gloss finish on their own.  I don't know anything about Lakme, but I know I love these three polishes and I have the best cousin and cousin-in-law in the world!!!

Happy Polishing!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Peach Dry Brush Nail Art & Tutorial

Hey Y'all!!  Well here we go, Spring in Georgia!  77 degrees yesterday, 65 and windy today, 28 tomorrow night.  It's amazing we don't all have pneumonia!  But, I'm ignoring the weather again and have another Spring mani for you using the dry brush technique:
I Used:
Barielle- Pillow Talk (nude, pink leaning crème)
Sinful Colors- Cream Soda (pastel peach crème)
Sinful Colors- Sunburnt (bright peach/salmon crème)
Zoya- Dhara (orange glass fleck textured polish)

To start this mani, paint your nails with two coats of the lightest color, in this case, Barielle Pillow Talk:
Then you're going to use each color, going from lightest to darkest, the same way.  I used Sinful Colors Cream Soda first.  Using the brush that came with the polish, scrape off as much as the polish as you can.  You want the brush as dry as possible (he he, hence the name).  Be careful of all the polish between the brush and the cap dripping down.  Then, starting at the tip of your nail, brush towards the cuticle:
Be sure to go only 3/4 of the way.  Just lift the brush as you go.  Then use the next color.  In this case, Sinful Colors Sunburnt.  This time going only 1/2 the way up the nail.
Then use the last color, Zoya Dhara, only going 1/4 of the way up your nail.  Use this color to wrap your nails.  And yes!  Everyone, natural and acrylic ladies, need to wrap their nails!!
Be sure to protect your work with a good top coat!!

I really love this look.  It gives your nails so much detail and interest and it's so easy to do! 

Hope y'all enjoyed today's nail art and tutorial!  Have a fabulous Wednesday and Happy Polishing!!