Friday, March 14, 2014

Art Deco Double V Design

Hey Y'all!!  Happy Friday!!  Anyone have any big plans this weekend?  Anyone have any little plans for the weekend?  I think after the teen's dance classes and rehearsals, we're going to just come home and chill.  It's supposed to rain all day Sunday, so I'm thinking, comfort food pig out and catching up on all our DVR shows. 

Ok, so I had no idea what to call this design, so I went with what it looks like, Art Deco Double V Design:

I Used:
Urban Outfitters- Bandeau (dark neon purple)
Sparitual- Strength Diamond Shimmer (rose gold ultra shimmer)
Striping Tape
Scotch Tape

First off, I have a review coming next week for the Urban Outfitter polishes I bought.  But when I saw the Sparitual and Urban Outfitters Bandeau, I knew I had to come up with a design for these two colors.  I though they looked so fabulous together!

I started with two coats of Urban Outfitters Bandeau.  Once that was completely dry, it was time for the taping.  I used scotch tape to mark off a large V on all the nails.   Then, using striping tape, I taped off a small V shape in every other nail.  Sadly, my pictures didn't show the taping very well because of the dark polish and I used dark striping tape, but it will give you the idea at least:
Tips for taping:  For the taping your non-dominate hand, try holding the tape steady, stretched between your thumb and fingers and moving your finger into place, instead of moving the tape.  Also, it may be easier to use tweezers to place the striping tape since it's so small. 

Once all the tape is in place, paint two coats of Sparitual Strength Diamond Shimmer.  Once the second coat is painted, immediately remove the tape.
Don't forget to use top coat!!

Hope y'all enjoyed today's design and that you have a fabulous weekend!  Happy Polishing!!

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