Monday, March 17, 2014

Review: Urban Outfitters Gotta Have It & Bandeau

Bought Myself

Hey Y'all!!  Happy Monday and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!  Did you celebrate this weekend?  You may have noticed that I haven't noticed done any St. Patrick's Day manis this year.  Know why?  Because last year I did like four and then the teen and I missed ALL of March with pneumonia!  I blamed the manis so I didn't do any this year.  It's logical in my brain! 

But I do have a green polish for you today at least!  A green and a purple to be exact.  I recently went with the teen to Urban Outfitters and found two polishes that I fell in love with, Gotta Have It and Bandeau.  First up is Gotta Have It:
Gotta Have It is a pale green crème.  The pictures show two coats with top coat.  The first thing I noticed when I opened the bottle was I got one that had been opened, a lot.  It was all gunked up around the top.  Can I just say, I hate that!! 
The formula was interesting.  It seemed thick but it went on normally.  Weird huh?  But I didn't add thinner and in two coats it was completely opaque.  It dries to a glossy finish.  I really didn't have any issues with it.
Gotta Have It is so pretty and perfect for Spring.

Next up is Bandeau:
Bandeau is a blue leaning purple neon crème.  Pictures show two coats with top coat.  This one also acted weird, like it was thick, but it really wasn't.  I didn't have any trouble with application though.  It was completely opaque in two coats and had the waxy finish typical of neons. 
Isn't it pretty?
Ok, y'all know purple is my favorite color, but seriously, I love this color!!

I don't remember how much these were individually, but I do remember that they were two for $10.  And sadly, I only bought two.  I will definitely be going back!  Have y'all bought any Urban Outfitters polish?  What colors should I buy when I go back?

Hope y'all have a fabulous day and that the luck of the Irish is with you...cause we're all a little Irish on St. Patrick's Day!  Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Polishing!!