Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Polishes From India! First Up Lakme


Hey Y'all!!  So my fabulous Cuz, and her hubby, went to India for work.  So, besides being excited for her, my first thought was, please bring me back nail polish!!  And they did!!  While she was in meetings, my wonderful Cuz-in-law went and bought me some polish that I can't wait to share with you!!  They brought back six, and here are the first three!  All three of these are Lakme Absolute Fast & Fabulous.

Purple Plunge
Purple Plunge is a beautiful, soft lilac filled with micro glitter in silver, making it look almost like a glass fleck.
Photos show three coats, for opacity, with top coat.  The formula, while a little thin, was wonderful.  It applied nice and even without any streaking or balding.  And no brush strokes!!
Love this color!  And it's so perfect for Spring!

Crimson Scream
Crimson Scream is a rich red crelly, meaning it's in between a crème and jelly polish.
Pictures show three coats with top coat.  As you can see from the pictures, it's not quite opaque and I doubt a fourth coat would have changed that.  But I love it just the way it is!  The formula was fantastic!  It just glided on.  There wasn't any balding or streaking, just a nice even coverage.

Aqua Blast
Aqua Blast is just that!  A highly pigmented bright blue crème.  Pictures show three coats with top coat.
The formula was great, if not a tad thin.  Unlike the other two that took three coats for opacity, this one took three coats because of streaking.
I love this color so much!!!  I think this one is my favorite of the six!  Look at all that gorgeousness!!

While all three colors required three coats, they dried super fast so it wasn't a big deal.  They were all easy to use and had a gloss finish on their own.  I don't know anything about Lakme, but I know I love these three polishes and I have the best cousin and cousin-in-law in the world!!!

Happy Polishing!!

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