Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review: Born Pretty Store 3D Floral Water Decals

Hey Y'all!!  How are you?  I feel like this week has been crazy!  My teen is in a ballet next weekend with her dance company, so there have been more rehearsals, plus it's the time of year when she has her testing, and that takes hours each day...away from home.  And the time of year I have to plan out her school year for next year.  And it's her first year in high school (shudder)....I'm exhausted already!  But I can sleep in four weeks!

For today, I have a review of Born Pretty Store water decals...3D Floral Water Decals:
And here is my design:
I'll list the polishes I used at the end of the post.

So when I picked these, they were shown on a white background so I thought they were clear roses with just the gold showing, so I was a bit disappointed they were white.  And, lol, I didn't even realize it until I removed them from the package...after I had painted my nails.  But that was my only disappointment with these decals.

They were actually really easy to use.  Just cut out which part of the design you want to use, I cut each flower out individually, dip in water, slide off the design and place on your nail.  Then just blot with a paper towel to remove the excess water and let dry.  Top with top coat.  That's it!  I do have one word of warning, be careful when removing the stickers/decals from the plastic.  It is very easy for them to fold over on themselves and they are very sticky.  I lost a couple that way, cause once they were stuck, they were stuck.  But only to themselves.  Once on the nail, as long as you didn't press them down, they could be moved.
My other suggestion is to order more than one packet of these.  I only have three designs left :(  And you can easily order more than one because they are only $2.22 each AND if you use my code: NE5J61 YOU GET 10% OFF, PLUS THEY HAVE FREE SHIPPING!!

Just CLICK HERE to order!

For the polishes I used:
Orly- Choreographed Chaos (light pink with blue shimmer
Sinful Colors- Boom Boom (bright pink crème)
China Glaze- Sexy Silhouette (magenta shimmer)

Have a fabulous day and Happy Polishing!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Footprints At The Beach

Hey Y'all!

So, since my mind is on warmer weather, I came up with this mani I'm calling Footprints At The Beach:
I Used:
Orly- Coffee Break (light tan crème)
Color Club- Beyond (black linear holographic)
Mash Stamping Plate- Mash 75

First, have you ever gone through your polish stash and thought, "Where on earth did that polish come from? I've never even heard of it?"  No.  Just me?  Well, that's exactly what happened with Orly Coffee Break.  I've never heard of it and don't remember ever seeing it before.  I certainly don't remember buying it!  Did I get it as a gift?  I've never forgotten one before. Maybe I just have so many bottles of nail polish they've started reproducing on their own!

Anyway, I started with two coats of the teleported-into-my-house Orly Coffee Break.  Once that dried, I used Mash Stamping Plate 75 and stamped with Color Club Beyond, a black linear holo.
Ok, I did mess up one footprint.  That was me and not the plate, but I'm getting better.  I really love this!  Makes me long for the summer!

I hope you enjoyed today's mani!!  Happy Polishing!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

TIOT: Sinful Colors Get It on

Hey Y'all!!  It's Try It On Tuesday!!  And I have a fun one today, Sinful Colors Get It On:
I've had this one so long, I don't even remember when I got it. 

Get It On is a gorgeous fuchsia matte polish.  It is highly pigmented, bold formula that worked wonderfully.  Photos show two coats without top coat.  There was no streaking or balding.
And believe it or not (believe it!), no staining!  The formula worked wonderfully and wore really well!
I just love this color!!  And for $1.99, it's a steal! 

Have a fabulous Tuesday!  Happy Polishing!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Fuchsia Plastic Wrap

Hey Y'all!!  Happy Monday!  And yes, I've decided it's going to be a happy Monday.  After last week, ugh, this week started off much better.  We went to my cousins' house for Easter and had great food and great company!  What did y'all do this weekend

Today's mani is a fun, different finishes, plastic wrap manicure (I know, I'm a little plastic wrap happy lately): a Fuchsia Plastic Wrap:
I Used:
Sinful Colors- Get It On (dark fuchsia matte)
Cover Girl- Bombshell (fuchsia with silver shimmer)
China Glaze- Travel In Color (pale white with purple shimmer)
Plastic Wrap

To start there is not a top coat.  I wanted a variety of finishes, so even though it doesn't show well in photos, there is matte and shimmers.  I started with two coats of Sinful Colors Get It On, a fuchsia matte polish.
Next I balled up some plastic wrap and dipped into Cover Girl Bombshell, a fuchsia polish with a silver shimmer, and dabbed it on my nails.  Be sure to turn the plastic so you get a varied look on your nails.
Next, using a new ball of plastic, I did the same thing with the China Glaze Travel In Color, a pale white with a purple shimmer.  And again, no topcoat.  I'm so sad I couldn't get the different finishes to show better in the photos.  It looked amazing in real life!

Have a fabulous day and Happy Polishing!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Rainbow Splatter

Hey Y'all!!  TGIF!!!  I don't think I've ever been more excited to see a week end!!  I've decided that Friday is the end of the week, cause I can't take anymore bad days!  The teen and I have a bunch of running around to do, so let me get to today's post!

I have a Rainbow Splatter for you:

I Used:
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White (white crème)
Orly- Grave Mistake (dark red crème) on pinky only
Sinful Colors- Feel The Vibe (bright orange crème) on pinky & ring fingers
Sinful Colors- Chick Chick (bright yellow crème) on ring & middle fingers
Sally Hansen- Kelp Out (green crème) on middle and index fingers
Sinful Colors- Jolt (bright blue crème) on index fingers & thumbs
Sinful Colors- Go Go Boots (purple crème) on thumbs only
Plastic Straws
Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner

So splatter nails are not my favorite far!  Although I did change how I did it this time, it was still kind of hard and messy.  For this mani I started with two coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White.  Once that dried, I put tape around my fingers to help with the clean up.  Then I put a few drops of polish on a paper plate and added about 4 drops of thinner to it.  For what polish was put on what finger, check the list above.

Then just dip the straw into the polish and blow.  Which is easier said than done, lol.  For me, only one out of every 15 blows worked.  I was finally getting the hang of it on the last nail, of course.  I will advise you put down a newspaper.  And blow gently.

I hope y'all enjoyed today's post!  Happy Polishing!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Turquoise Plastic Wrap

Hey Y'all!!  How's your Thursday going?  Mine sucks!!  Hubby has food poisoning from something he ate at work.  At WORK!!  Not from my cooking!!!  But yucky and unfun day ahead.

So let me get right to the post!  Today I have Turquoise Plastic Wrap Nails for you:
I Used:
Summer Brights- No name (turquoise satin finish)
Orly- Love. Angel. Music. Baby. (gold satin finish)
Orly- 4 In The Morning (black satin finish)
Plastic Wrap

I started with two coats of Summer Brights, a no name satin finish turquoise.  Then, using balled up plastic wrap, I dabbed on first the black, then the gold.
And since I wanted everything to be nice and glossy, I did top it off with top coat.
Sorry for the short post, but I guess I should go take care of the sick hubby :(

Hope y'all have a great day!  Happy Polishing!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Multicolored Water Marble

Hey Y'all!!  Happy Hump Day!!  I'm so happy this week is half over!  I've had so many computer was driving me nuts!  I know, first world problems, but it's so frustrating when things don't work!!  Like, suddenly, all my pictures on my blog are missing (Monday's problems)!  But it's going to be a better rest of the week, right?  Just lie to me and say yes!

Anyway, as you may know (and if you don't, shame on you), my blogging buddies and I have entered a contest at under the name Polish Mavens!  Just CLICK HERE to see, share and like our entries!!  Pretty please!!  So this week's theme is multicolored and here is my first entry:
I Used:
China Glaze- White On White (white crème)
Sinful Colors- Chick Chick (bright yellow crème)
Sinful Colors- Energetic Red (bright red orange crème)
Sinful Colors- Jolt (bright blue crème)
Sally Hansen Triple Shine- Kelp Out (bright green crème)

If you want to see my water marble tutorial, just click here.
Please excuse the dry hands.  I was out in the cold and wind all day and this was the only chance of getting a picture in the "sun".  I know it's not sunny, but this was as close to sun as I was getting.

If you want to vote for our manicures, just go to our page and like and share our photos!  You can also go to instagram and like our photos, that will count as a vote too!

Thanks so much Y'all!!  And Happy Polishing!!