Monday, June 22, 2015

Holographic Skittle

Hey Y'all!!  How was your weekend?  I've had better, I've had worse, so I can't really complain. Except for one thing:  Fleas!!  Maybe y'all can help me.  We've been going back and forth to Florida over the last few weeks and had a sitter for our fur babies.  Well, with us gone, and the incredibly hot weather, we've been taken over by these *&%& fleas!!  I hate fleas!!  And not only are they making my poor babies miserable, they keep biting me too.  And only me and the fur babies.  The teen and the hubby seem to have yucky blood.  Now, while I do enjoy the fact that I have superior blood to my family, I'm tired of being a big, jiggly, itchy, scratchy mess.  My house smells like apple cider vinegar and flea dip.  The babies and I are tired.  Any advice?

Now on to today's mani!  Today I have a Holographic Skittle for you:
I Used:
Color Club- Harp On It, a silver linear holo
Orly- Mirrorball, silver linear holo with small holo glitters
Loreal- Masked Affair, a soft gray linear holo
Color Club- Beyond, a charcoal gray linear holo
Celestial- Reaper Crew, a black linear holo
First off, I know the color differences don't show up very well in the photos.  But in person, it was obvious.  Taking pictures of holos is really hard...taking pictures of holos and trying to capture the subtle differences in color, really, really hard!

Now for the mani.  Ombre nails are very easy to do.  All you have to do is pick five polishes in the same color family and paint each nail a different color.  For this ombre, I started with Color Club Harp On It on my thumb.  Harp On It is a bright silver linear holo.  On my index finger is Orly Mirrorball.  This is also a silver linear holo but it also has small holographic glitter.  My middle finger has Loreal Masked Affair.  Holy cow!!  Loved this one.  It's a gray linear holo.  Next up is Color Club Beyond, a dark, charcoal gray linear holo on my ring finger.  Finally, on my pinky, is Celestial Reaper Crew, a black linear holo.  Love that one!!

Photos show two coats with top coat.  I really enjoyed this one.  But then, I love anything that glitters and sparkles!

Hope you have a fabulous day!  Happy Polishing!!