Monday, October 22, 2012

Blue & Fuschia Glitter Art Deco

Morning Everyone!!  Did y'all have a fabulous weekend?  I did.  Not only did it include a wonderful ballet, all weekend with my family and great food, but there was a trip to Ulta!! That may not be a big deal to most people, but I live in a small town and we live way out in the country (the closest grocery store is over 14 miles away).  Ulta is over an hour and two counties away!  So for me, going there is a big treat!  And I left with a lot of great polish!

Having all this new polish, I couldn't decide what to do, so my daughter picked out two colors and said, "Use these."  I don't know why but they made me think of this art deco vase/box thing from the 20's I have...despite not being the same colors. 

Anyway, here's my design:

I Used:
China Glaze- Frostbite (blue)
Orly- Bubbly Bombshell (fuchsia glitter)
Scotch Tape
Stripping Tape

I started with Frostbite, a beautiful, bright blue shimmer polish.  Although two coats were fine, it took three coats to get it to the same shade as it looked in the bottle.  The formula is great, just a little thin,

Once that has dried completely, use scotch tape to tape off a narrow V with the point at the cuticle.
The top of the V doesn't go all the way to the corner of my nail. My daughter was afraid I would cover up too much of the blue, so narrow V.  Next I used Orly's Bubbly Bombshell, a fuchsia colored glitter in a clear base.  It took two coats to get the saturation of glitter I wanted.  To do this, paint one coat and leave the tape on.  Once you've painted the second coat, immediately remove the scotch tape.

When the glitter dries, use black stripping tape to tape off the design.  Place the tape on both arms of the V, then one in the center.  If you don't have black stripping tape, you can use black polish to make the stripes.

Don't forget your top coat!  Hope you enjoy my art deco design.  Happy Polishing!!