Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shimmering Water Color

Hello My Darlings!!  Happy Thursday!!  I hope every one is doing great today!!  I have another super busy day thanks to the now-a-teenager.  She has her yearbook party (yes I still homeschool, but she takes a couple of classes a week at a co-op and they have yearbooks), then dance rehearsal.  Going to be a long day for the Momma again!  I already want a nap.  But I wouldn't change a thing :)

For today's mani, I used the water color technique:
I Used:
China Glaze- Dandy Lyin' Around (white base with silver shimmer)
China Glaze- Fancy Pants (blurple with pink/fuchsia shimmer)
China Glaze- Sexy in the City (blue with aqua shimmer)
100% Acetone (note below for acrylic users)
Brush (any type of brush, even a child's paint brush)

Water color is such a neat effect that is so easy.  No matter what, you can't go wrong!!  Here's how:

Start with two coats of your lightest color, in this case two coats of Dandy Lyin' Around.  Be sure to put a top coat on once it dries.  This will help keep the acetone from removing the base color.  Once that dries completely, place drops of your polishes on your nail.  Be sure to work with only one nail at a time.  I used all three China Glaze polishes for this step.  Then dip the brush in the acetone.
Note for acrylic and natural nails:  100% acetone can be used on both acrylic and natural nails.  But if that makes you nervous, you can substitute regular polish remover or non-acetone remover.
All you do is swirl the brush, wet with acetone, through the drops of polish.  That's it!!  That easy!!  If you remove more color than you wanted (I had to go back and add the white), then just add another drop of that color..
I promise it's that easy!  Have fun and Happy Polishing!!