Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ornaments- 12 Days of Christmas Challenge

Hi Everyone!!  It's time for the next challenge:  Ornaments!  When I first started thinking of this challenge, I had a ton of ideas.  Should I make each nail an ornament?  Make each nail the same? Or should I do a couple of ornaments per nail?  Copy my Christmas tree?  I sketched out a picture of my nails then went to start painting them...then it happened.  My tacky gene kicked in!!  Yes y'all.  I have a tacky gene.  I inherited it from my precious grandmother, Rosalind, and most of the time, I am actually quite proud of it.  To be perfectly honest, if my family would let me, I would rhinestone and glitter everything in the house that would hold still long enough!  Really!  Floor to ceiling sparkles!!  So my original idea of black glitter nails with a few silver ornaments turned into this:
There is one feature I do love though, the star and cross on my middle finger.  The star is for the loved one my family lost this year, and the cross is for the 26 who were suddenly called home Friday, 12/14.

As for the rest, I used a ton of polish!  Literally, too many polishes to list.  I used three green polishes just to make the background tree.

I don't hate this manicure, but it's not one of my favorites.  But I greatly love and miss my grandmother and I'm thankful for everything she gave me...including her tacky gene!!!  Be sure to check out every one else's designs!!  Happy Polishing!!