Thursday, December 27, 2012

Color Block Manicure

Hi Everyone!!  I have something a little different for you today.  Although it would make a great mani for New Year's Eve depending on what colors you choose, or even use these colors.  Some time ago I saw a manicure using copper, black and blue together and I've been dying to use this combination.  So I decided to do a color block.  This is such a cool mani because truthfully, it's like 10 different designs.  You could use all 10 or pick one and do all 10 fingers in one design.  Here is the finished product:
LOL!  Ok, it's upside down for some reason, but you get the idea!
I Used:
Zoya- Penny (shimmery copper)
essie- Mesmerize (blue creme)
China Glaze- Liquid Leather (black creme)
Scotch Tape

I started with two coats of Zoya Penny.  I love this polish!  But I didn't think it would every dry. I ended up topping it with one coat of my quick dry top coat. 

The next color used was essie Mesmerize.  I randomly placed scotch tape on my nails (remember to put the tape on your hand first to remove some of the stickiness) and painted one thick coat and immediately removed the tape.  Once the blue was dried, I repeated that step with the black polish.

This is a fun mani because there is no right way to do it, so have fun!  Just remember to keep it random! And as always, Happy Polishing!!

Really? Again with the upside down photo?
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