Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Gradient

Hi Everyone! I have another holiday design for you today, a Christmas Gradient!  Of course, you could use this technique for any color combination.  First up, my finished product:
I Used:
Pure Ice- Jaguar (pale, shimmery gold)
Color Club- Ho-Ho-Holly (green with gold and green shimmer)
Icing- Red-y or Not Here I Am (red glitter in a pale red jelly)
Make-up Sponges

There are three ways to do gradient, or ombre, nails (that I know of ;-)). The first way is to pick a color then paint each nail a different shade, lighter to darker.  The second way I've shown you here. And lastly, the way I did this manicure.
I started with two coats of Pure Ice Jaguar since it was the lightest color.  Once that dried completely I painted a make-up sponge with the three colors in the order I wanted them to appear on my nails:

Just keep applying the polish to the make-up sponge and dabbing it on your nails until you get the desired effect.  I did have a hard time getting the red polish how I wanted it, so I ended up painting just the very tip with the Icing polish.

Lastly, I applied two coats of top coat to give it a smooth finish.  I hope y'all enjoy this design. I love how it turned it out.  But now I kind of wished I had waited to do this on Christmas Eve.  Oh well.  Happy Polishing!!