Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review: Vivid Lacquer Plate # VL008

The following products were furnished to Glittery Fingers & Sparkling Toes for review.  The opinions expressed are my own and were in not influenced in any way.

Hi Every one!!  Happy Thursday!!  It's almost the weekend, so that is always a good day :)  Today I have something new and exciting, a Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate!!!  Now let me preface this with...I can't stamp.  Seriously.  I stink at it.  I've never once had a successful stamping experience.  I am extremely grateful to Vivid Lacquer for giving me a chance to review their stamping plate, despite my inabilities.  So when I say these plates are fabulous and anyone can successfully stamp, I mean it.  If I can do it, so can you!!

Vivid Lacquer, maker of handmade nail polish and stamping plates since March, 2012, gave me plate #VL008 to review:
Isn't that the cutest logo?
The first image I tried was the cute growing flower, the four images in the middle of the plate. ( Any errors you see are strictly my mistake and not the stamping plate.  Really.  Turns out I need an extra large stamper because the one I had, a Konad, didn't cover my entire nail. Who knew?):
Isn't that cute? 
Next is my favorite, the butterflies:
Now the next images is when I discovered my nails were bigger than the stamper I was using.  Which is really sad because one of the BEST things about this, and the other plates, is that they are extra large and wide so they will accommodate any one's nails, no matter the length or width.  I love that!!!
The double image on this stamp is my attempt to move the stamper to cover my entire nail, not anything wrong with the stamping plate.  It worked perfectly!!  I was worried about picking up the little dots for the butterfly stamp, but no problem. 

The stamping plate was incredible!!!  Who knew I actually could stamp??  I just needed the right plate!!  These are etched nice and deep so that every little detail is picked up and transferred to your nails.  There were no issues at all! 

Vivid Lacquer nail polish and stamping plates can be found on her etsy store.  The plates are $8.00 (US).  She has some incredible plates in the store right now!  Quick!  Go check them out!! 

There are a couple more images to show you from this plate, but I need to order a larger stamper (yep, they exist).  When I get it, I will have the rest of the images for you.  But in the meantime, these should show you how fabulous these plates are.  And if you're actually good at stamping....omg, these are going to blow you away!!  Be sure to follow Vivid Lacquer on facebook and twitter so you will know the release dates of her polish and stamping plates!!

Until later, Happy Stamping!!