Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge: Triangles

Hey Y'all!!  How's your Wednesday going?  Mine is ok...I seem a little lost today, lol.  I've been working on this mani all day and am just now getting it up.  I've been easily distracted.  I've looked at every odd-ball story on the Internet today.  Really!!  Ask me about the "new evidence of Bigfoot", I can tell you all about it!!  (FYI, it looked like Chewbacca after a wild night)

Anyway, what was I doing?  Oh yeah.  Today is the Mish Mash Challenge with my fabulous gals!!  And today's theme is triangles:
So I went a little crazy with the triangle designs, lol.  I couldn't make up what I wanted to do, so I did them all!

I Used:
Pinky: China Glaze- Temptation Carnation (super light pink shimmer)
            A-England-  Jane Eyre (dark purple shimmer)
            Light pink triangle rhinestone
            Scotch Tape
Ring Finger: China Glaze- Naked (pink shimmer)
             Elixir Lacquers- Miss Kitty's Mee-yow (lilac with a blue shimmer)
             Liner Brush
Middle Finger:  China Glaze- Sexy Silhouette (bright fuchsia with shimmer)
             Light pink triangle rhinestones
Index Finger: China Glaze- Temptation Carnation (super light pink shimmer)
            Zoya-  Tru (smoky purple with gold shimmer)
            Jade Holographica- Fascinio Violeta (purple linear holo)
Thumb:  China Glaze- Temptation Carnation (super light pink shimmer)
            China Glaze- Sweet Hook (light lilac crème)
            Orly- Pixie Powder (light purple glitter)
            Fright Night Claw Polish- Poison (dark purple frost)
Whew, long list.  Told you I was distracted today!
I had fun doing these, even if it took me all day!  Now I need to go do something....dinner?  The people in this house are ALWAYS asking me for food!  I'm sure they want to eat....right after I go check out these incredible designs by my fellow bloggers!!!  They rock!!  Happy Polishing!!