Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Woodstock's Girls' Day Out

Nothing to disclose.  All food, drinks, clothes and jewelry were bought and paid for by Glittery Fingers & Sparkling Toes.  This is not a sponsored post.

Hey Y'all!!  How was your weekend?  Did you face the crowds?  I don't think there is a big enough sale to get me out of the house on Black Friday.  The crowds are insane!!  There was an actual fist fight over towels??  Towels???  Were they monogrammed in gold??  Anyway, I'm not about to go out on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but the Bestie and I did go out Saturday to check out the ICE Girls' Day Out in Woodstock, Georgia.  November 30th was the special kick-off, but these will run every Saturday from now until the end of the year.

The idea behind Girls' Day Out is pretty cool; go to ICE Martini Bar for drinks, sushi or tapas between 11:30 and 5:00, and you will be given a shopping pass with special savings at the participating retailers in downtown Woodstock.  The participating stores were: Fashion Cupcake, Rak Outfitters, Holly Springs Jewelry, Brooklynns. Dismero, Be You On Purpose and Brenda's House of Flowers.

So the first stop was ICE Martini Bar!  We chose the last seating of 5 pm.  My first advice is go earlier!  (I'll explain as we go)  ICE Martini Bar is a really pretty place...very sleek and sophisticated.  It made us think of big city sophistication yet with a small town feel.
Pretty, huh?  And it's funny, but my favorite part of the restaurant was bathroom sinks!
Aren't they fantastic??  The Bestie and I loved them!

On to the food and drinks.  The Bestie and I split everything.  We started with martinis, The ICE Blue and the Mood Changer:
Both scrumptious.  The martinis range in price from $7 to $10 each.  Next we shared three tapas, Teriyaki and Onion Beef Sliders, Spinach and Artichoke Dip and Smoked Gruyere Macaroni and Cheese:
The Teriyaki Beef and Onion Sliders were superb!  Minus the onions, which were 4 inch long chives.  But other than that they were incredible!!  The Spinach and Artichoke Dip was really good, nothing different than most restaurants, but really good!  We enjoyed it.  The Smoked Gruyere Mac-n-Cheese was good, but there was a ton of toasted panko on it, it went through the whole dish.  If you're favorite part of mac-n-cheese is the crust, then you will love it, but it was a bit much for the Bestie and I.  The tapas ranged in price from $7 to $13 dollars each.  Three was enough for us to feel fed, but not stuffed.

We ended dinner with a Chocolate Lover's Martini:
The drinks were definitely the best part of the night! And the service was impeccable. But be careful if you're on a budget.  Three martinis and three tapas were $53.  A bit pricey for a girl's afternoon out I thought.  And if you are going with someone under 21, I would check out the more family friendly restaurants in Woodstock.

Next came the shopping!  For the kick off, there was a photographer and your own tour guides!  (These are the only things not available on the rest of the Girls' Afternoon Outs).  Sadly, I haven't received the photo yet, if I do I will squeeze it in here.  We had the two cutest girls for our tour guides, Jenny and Ashley, and we were off to shop.  The big problem here was that it was a little after 6 pm and almost all the stores were already closed.  So go earlier.

Our first stop was Fashion Cupcake, a cute, well priced clothing and shoe boutique.  The guides announced our savings at each shop and here it was buy two get one free fleece leggings. But there was a sign up announcing that sale, so I'm not sure what the ICE pass helped with here. The prices were great and I bought one pair of charcoal gray for $9.99.  Sadly, they were out of black.  The store actually seemed pretty empty, but they have just opened and said they are getting shipments everyday.

Next up was Brooklyns.  Loved this store.  They carried a little of everything...clothes, scarves, candles, jewelry.  Prices were everywhere in this store, from $5 scarves to $100 jeans.  The ICE pass specials here were $5 scarves (no sign) and buy two get one free on jewelry (big sign up so that was for everyone).  I did buy some cute jewelry here:
All the jewelry was pretty much $14.99 each.

As it was almost 7pm by this point we had to race to the one store left open, Be You On Purpose.  This was a cute boutique filled to the brim with faith inspired, well everything....clothes, jewelry, phone cases...a nice bling filled mix.  Here the ICE Pass gave you 10% off your entire purchase.   I did not see a sign that said that, so it was exclusive to the pass.

Sadly, that is where the shopping ended since all the stores but the restaurants, cigar bar, and yougurt place were closed.  There were quite a few stores that looked inviting, not just the ones participating in the ICE Pass, that I wanted to see, but it wasn't meant to be.  You would think that the stores would stay open if there was a promo going would benefit them all.  So if you go, be sure to go earlier than we did.  I would say no later than 4 pm as most of the stores close between 6 and 7.  There seemed to be ample parking downtown, we had  no problem finding a spot.  There are at least three other restaurants, two of which seemed really popular, a lot of unique stores (so sad the Native American Jewelry store was closed), and it all seemed to be centrally located so you can just park and head off to eat and shop.

Overall the Bestie and I had a fun time and will probably go back to see the stores we missed.  If you're looking for a fun experience outside the hassle and crowds of the big city, go try Woodstock!