Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nail Polish Canada Contest, Week 3: HOLIDAY MEMORIES

Hey Y'all!!  Today is the last of the Nail Polish Canada Contest and this week's theme is HOLIDAY MEMORIES.  As many of you know, I now live in North Georgia, you should know because I spend about 5 months complaining about how cold it is!  (And yes, it's really cold today too).  But I grew up in Central Florida where we celebrated a green Christmas every year.  So green in fact that my Dad put up the Christmas lights outside at night to avoid a heat stroke! 

And put out the lights he did!!  Every year the tv stations, newspaper, and a ton of people came by to see the house.  It's one of my happiest childhood memories so I decided that would be the theme of my nails this week, my Florida Christmas!! (only nail polish was used to create these, the list will be at the bottom of the post)
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Now the fun part, explaining my Dad's decorations!!  The index finger and pinky have our palm trees that were in the front yard (yep, we had palm trees and orange trees!).  Dad would wrap them up in strings of Christmas lights...used a semi truck to reach the top!!  These were so pretty!!  My Mom always swore that Disney World got the idea of wrapping their trees in lights from us!  As for my middle finger, our backyard was pretty much taken up by our pool, but Dad would create a 45 foot Christmas tree over our pool by using a tall pole and strings of lights.  It was topped by a 5 foot star he made of white lights.  You could see our "tree" for miles!  Did I mention that Florida is super flat??

The ring finger is our Christmas tree!!  We always had fake trees (I'm allergic to the real) and my Mom always insisted that our tree be "snow" covered!  She was born in Kentucky and missed White Christmases...I think, lol.
As for my thumb, my poor Mom always wanted to put, in her words, "tacky, plastic. pink flamingos" in our front yard and my dad and I always said no!  So I wanted her to have her flamingos now  :)

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And treasure your family this year!  This will be my 7th Christmas without my Mother and 19th without my Father, and it's still really hard.  But I loved being able to do a manicure in their honor!  Happy Polishing!!!

I Used:
Sinful Colors- Sweet Nothing (light blue crème)
Finger Paints- Pink Perspective (neon pink)
Revlon- Cupid (pink crème)
China Glaze- So Blue Without You (blue shimmer)
Orly- Hook Up (yellow shimmer)
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White (white crème)
LA Colors- Palm Tree (medium green crème)
LA Colors- not named (red crème)
Barielle- No Not Now (beige shimmer)
Barielle- I Got A Headache (taupe shimmer)
OPI- Into The Night (dark blue shimmer)