Friday, December 6, 2013

Review: Sinful Colors Silver Rainbows

Hey Y'all!!  TGIF!!! I would say I'm excited about the weekend, but I'm about today is the start of ten crazy, busy, stressful days!  And all because of the now-a-teen, lol.  She has mid-terms at her co-op, rehearsals literally all night, every night, then 6 performances in three days...and, well there's more, but enough of my first world problems.  On to the polish!!

I was lucky enough to actually find the Sinful Colors Christmas collection (usually it takes me months) and I bought a couple of them.  Today I have Silver Rainbows for you:
The picture shows one coat over two coats of Pure Ice Silver Mercedes and one coat of top coat.  Silver Rainbows is a clear based polish with bar glitter in blue, green, red and magenta/dark pink.  First off....where in the heck did they get that name??  I realize I put it over silver, but there is NO silver in the polish itself.  So why Silver Rainbows???  So, not the best name.
So past the weird name, I was really excited about this polish.  I'm one of the few people that really likes bar glitter and this one looked like the Holidays in a bottle!  The polish formula was good, it did require a little dabbing to get the coverage you see in the picks.  And despite tapping down the glitter to make sure that it didn't extend past the nail tip, it still is sticking out all over the place.
And what do I think of the actual polish?  I'm majorly disappointed :(  It looks like a hot mess to me.  Just no rhyme or reason to it.  And it didn't even sparkle that much.  I can't abide non-sparkly glitter!!  There should be a law against it!!  What do you think?

Have a great Friday!!  Happy Polishing!!