Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My First "Make Up Meet Up"

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The Next Make Up Meet Up is May 18, 2013 at 1:00 pm!!!  Follow the links at the bottom of the page to RSVP!!

Hi Everybody!!! I just couldn't wait to tell you about my Saturday!  The fabulous Ren Ren was the hostess, organizer and idea lady behind a monthly "Make Up Meet Up".  This is a time for Atlanta area pros, bloggers or just people wanting to learn more about make up to get together, socialize, network, and, most importantly, get a make up lesson (and learn a few tricks) from Ren Ren.  Ren Ren is a free lance make up artist, you tube guru (seriously...over 7 million views!), make up consultant that designed her own brush line for Sedona Lace (the Vortex Brushes) and just about the sweetest and cutest gal ever!
Me and Ren Ren
We met at Norcostco (2089 Monroe Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA, 800-241-5356).  Norcostco is a "one stop theatre shop".  They have everything you could possibly need to stage a show, from costumes to make up to lights.  It's also one of Ren Ren's favorite make up shops.  Besides carrying everything from make up primer to false eyelashes, they carry the entire Ben Nye make up line which has some incredible products.

On to the Meet Up!  When we arrived, there was a section set up for us right in front of the make up.  Ren Ren had even provided snacks!!  Along with bottle water and wrap sandwiches were the cutest make up themed cupcakes (sorry, no pictures...I forgot).  We were given a few minutes to mingle, then we had to meet someone we didn't know and introduce them to the crowd.  Fun!  And I met some wonderful ladies, and one great guy.

Next came the make up lesson!  She taught us about how to keep bacteria off of our face and make up, introduced us to her favorite primer, how to highlight your face, and for me the most important, how to apply false eyelashes.  I bought a few of the items she showed us:
My haul!
I will share all the tricks she taught us as I use my new products, so look for that!

Afterwards she answered our questions...every one's question, no one was left out and then we went shopping (NOT a requirement, but hello, there's tons of great make up!)

So positives:  Fabulous hostess, great make up, lots of information and tips, and did I mention there were cupcakes?

Negatives:  Only one and not the fault of Ren Ren...it was 140 degrees in the store.  But it's not enough to keep me away next month.

Next month's "Make Up Meet Up" will be all about creating a summer face...can't wait!

If you are in the metro Atlanta area, I highly recommend you join up.  There are no requirements other than reserving a spot.  To join and get more info, check out her video here.  Here are a couple of pictures showing you just a small portion of the make up section.
Hope y'all have a great day, and Happy Polishing!!!

Ren Ren's sites:
Beauty Blog:    http://www.makeupbyrenren.com/
Official Make Up Artist Site:  http://urbanpretty.com/
You Tube Channel with reviews and tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/makeupbyrenren
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/makeupbyrenren
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/makeupbyrenren