Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MABB Bi-Weekly Question 4/24

Every other Wednesday, the Metro Atlanta Beauty Bloggers will answer a beauty-related question just for fun! This week's question is... Product testing aside, on a daily basis do you stick to your "tried & true" favorites or do you like to experiment with different products?

Yes!  Ha ha.  I love doing both.  I'm pretty loyal to some of my tried and true products.  For example, I've been using the basic Oil of Olay lotion since I was 15.  I have tried a few others over the years, but I love my Oil of Olay.  And I used to be pretty loyal to my make up companies.  I only used two for the longest time, Merle Norman and Maybelline.  But about 15 years ago, after Merle Norman discontinued a favorite shade of blush...again...I started experimenting more.  And discovered there was a huge, wonderful world of make up out there!! I love to experiment all the time, unless I'm in a hurry!  Then I stick with my tried and trues.  Or if I have a big day or night ahead of me.  An important night isn't the time to try a smoky eye for the first time.  Trust me.  Been there, done that, and failed, ha ha.

The biggest lesson I've learned is that you can get some great make up for less.  If you only can invest in a few things, make them your make up brushes.  Great tools can work wonders with any make up.  But overall  I guess I'm pretty loyal, but always willing to experiment!!  What about you?

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