Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ABC Challenge: P is for Polka Dots

Hello my Lovelies!!!  How are you today?  Are you glad the week is half over?  I'm not.  Saturday starts theater week for my little one.  That means 5 days of rehearsing for the ballet "Snow White" in the actual theater, from 5pm to 9:15 pm, followed by shows in three days.  It is an exhausting week for her and me.  I honestly don't know how she does it.  Me? I'm already stressing.  I've been running around trying to make sure she has enough tights, false eyelashes, shoes are in good shape....ugh.

Anyway, on to the challenge!  Today's ABC Challenge is the letter P and I've done Polka dots.  Just a warning, you may want to put on your sunglasses:
I Used:
Nina Ultra Pro- French White (white crème)
Orly- Glowstick (neon yellow)
Orly- Hot Shot (neon pink)
Scotch Tape
Large Dotting Tool

Bright, huh?  Wait!  You have to see it out in the sun:
I love this!!!  The colors are just, wow! 

To create this mani, I started with two coats of Nina Ultra Pro French White.  To make neon pop and live up to its full potential, always start with a white polish. I then topped it with two coats of Orly Glowstick, a phenomenal bright yellow (I'll have a review of Glowstick in a couple of days). Once that dried, I placed a piece of scotch tape diagonally across my nail and painted a coat of Orly Hot Shot, a medium pink neon (it looks a little more orange in the photos, but it's actually a pretty pink).
Then using a large dotting tool (a pen would work great for this) and the opposite color, I started making the polka dots.  Start the dotting on the line and make sure the dot touches the line so that it looks like it's running.  Then just keep making dots in a line to the edge of your nail.  Finish with a top coat. 

This is such a neat effect, and the colors just screamed summer to me.  And I can't begin to tell you how many compliments I got on it.  I hope you enjoyed this mani.  Be sure to follow the links below to see what the other fabulous ladies have come up with for P!!  Happy Polishing!!