Thursday, September 26, 2013

Saks Fifth Avenue: Master the Look

Hi Y'all!!!  Happy Thursday!!  I'm so excited about this post, I have to get right to it.  Yesterday, the Metro Atlanta Beauty Bloggers (click here for links to all of our blogs) were invited to a sneak peek at Master the Look at Saks Fifth Avenue that starts today and runs through October 5th.

Now first, get the idea out of your head that there's no way for you to shop at Saks Fifth Avenue!!  It's every one's store!!  Seriously.  No matter what your budget is, there are fabulous products for you there.  And the staff couldn't be more wonderful.  They were all so courteous, helpful and informative!!  There's not a question they can't answer.  They know their products!  And you know that old saying, "If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it".  Forget that!!  The staff was very helpful and willing to help you find what you are looking for at any price, from Clinique (yes they carry Clinique!) to Clive Christian (The World's Most Expensive Perfume). 

The beauty department is absolutely beautiful.  Open and airy yet each brand has their own section that feels intimate.  And during this fabulous ten days, they have make up experts to help you master whatever style you are going for:  smoky eyes, fresh and natural, night out...they will teach you. 

Did I mention the gifts with purchase??  First up, from Saks Fifth Avenue is this fabulous tote with deluxe samples free with any beauty purchase of $100 or more.  And with any beauty purchase of $150 or more, they will add the matching cosmetic bag:
It comes in the white above or navy blue.  See the size of the samples?

And if all that is not enough, there are over 75 gifts with purchase.  Here are just a few samples:

And did I mention how gorgeous their beauty department is?
Look at those awesome black chandeliers in the Dolce & Gabbana section!

And be sure to go by the perfume section.  There are wonderful and affordable ($125 and up) perfumes and colognes.  And the stories that come with them are fascinating!  Like Bond no. 9 New York, started after the tragedy of 9/11 and named for different neighborhoods in New York:
And Clive Christian, the "World's Most Expensive Perfume" ranging in price from the low $300's up to $250,000:
If any of you want to buy me a bottle, let me know!!!

There is so much going on at Saks Fifth Avenue for the next 10 days, it won't begin to fit into a blog post, but I hope this gives you an idea of all the awesome things taking place!  Remember it starts today and runs through October 5th!  Be sure to visit!!  I promise they will take good care of you!!