Monday, September 16, 2013

Review: I Love Nail Polish Birefringence & Cygnus Loop

Happy Monday Y'all!!  And yes, I'm determined that today is going to be a happy Monday!  So the radiator on my van is busted, and that's an expense we don't need (but then who does, right?), the now-a-teen has two dance classes, and for some reason I can not stop sneezing!!!  But it's going to be a good day, dang nab it!

Anyway, today I have two polishes from I Love Nail Polish's Ultra Chrome collection.  These went on presale about a month ago and I was lucky enough to get the two I wanted most...which was a feat!  It took me over an hour to get on the site and they sold out fast!  But they are back in stock now!!!! They are $12.50 each, click here! 

The formulas on both of these are great, a little thicker than normal, but not too thick to work with or need thinner.  There aren't any visible brush strokes.  The first coat will be streaky with some balding, but the second coat will clear that all up...just be sure to allow the first coat to dry.  The shifts in these polishes will knock you out!  All the pictures show two coats with top coat.

Birefringence is mainly a shimmery blue chrome that shifts to purple (the most obvious shift), green, red and gold:
Isn't this incredible???  The picture above and the two below were taken under water because it seemed to be the only way to capture the shift with my camera.  But it is there in real life, promise.  I was able to get it with Cygnus Loop.
Cygnus Loop
Cygnus Loop is a purple based shimmery chrome that to blue, red, gold and green.  For me, the shift in Cygnus Loop seemed to be more apparent in real life, it just seemed to shift a little more.   Or it could just be that because the main color is purple, I liked it more, lol.
I know this is a bit picture heavy, but these polishes are gorgeous!!!  It was all I could do to cut it down to these!  As far as my experience with ILNP, it was fabulous!  They kept me informed as to the delivery and status of my order and it arrived in gorgeous packaging.  I wish I had a picture of the tissue paper and boxes, but I was so excited over these Ultra Chromes, I kinda of ripped into it to get to them.
If you want your own, they are available now for $12.50 on the I Love Nail Polish website.  But hurry, they won't last long!  Happy Polishing!!!