Thursday, September 5, 2013

Orly Review: Teal Unreal & Purple Poodle

Hey Y'all!!!  I hope you're having a fabulous day!  My day is kind of quiet, which is nice for a change.  Hmmm, maybe I can even get a nap in today.  Hopefully, lol.

Today I have two more polishes from the Surreal Collection by Orly.  I only bought four of the six, but I love these four so much I'm going to have to find the other two!  First up is Teal Unreal:
Teal Unreal is perfectly named!  This is a highly pigmented, intense, perfect teal!!  The formula was perfect, no balding or streaking.  The pictures show two coats with top coat, so it was fully opaque in two coats. 
And the wear on this polish is phenomenal!!!  Further down this post is the "half moon" mani I did....the pictures were taken FIVE days after I did them!!  No touch ups needed!  I was actually sad to take this polish off.  I think it's going to be a staple for me this fall and winter!!
I really just can't say enough good things about Teal Unreal!!

Next up is Purple Poodle:
Purple Poodle is a magenta based jelly with micro blue glitters and small blue, purple and magenta glitters.  Pictures show three coats with top coat.
Isn't is purty????  The formula was great!  There was no balding or streaking.  There isn't really a visible nail line in real life.  What's not to love about Purple Poodle??  It's purple and glitter!! 
I thought this was going to be my favorite, but surprise it's actually Teal Unreal!  I loved it so much, I couldn't take it off, so I did my version of half moons using Purple Poodle:
Seriously, Y'all!!!  Run, don't walk to your nearest Orly dealer and get these!!!  You will be so sad if you don't!  Happy Polishing!!