Monday, September 9, 2013

Review: Salon Perfect Raisin The Roof & Ivy League

Hey Y'all!!  How was your weekend?  We had a great weekend of taking it easy and watching football.  Although my favorite team lost :(  But I still love my Bucs!!  And I still won the family football pool so I'm good.

I noticed on a recent trip to Walmart, Salon Perfect had released their Fall colors.  I wasn't too impressed with most of the colors, but I did pick up two, Raisin the Roof and Ivy League.  Since the formula and experience with both polishes were the same, I'll tell you about that after the pictures, cause it's the pictures we really want to see isn't it?  The pictures show two coats with top coat.

Raisin the Roof 
Raisin the Roof is a pretty dark, frosty brown with a subtle gold shimmer:
Ivy League
Ivy League is a dark, shimmery green:
The formula on both polishes was great.  It wasn't too thin or too thick.  They went on without any dragging or balding.    There was a little streaking with the first coat, but it all evened out by the second.
These were my first Salon Perfect polishes.  I had heard a lot about them and was anxious to try them.  And while I do love the colors of Raisin the Roof and Ivy League, I don't think there is anything special about them  They're pretty, work fine and are pretty reasonably priced ($3.98 each at Walmart).  I have seen other bloggers swatching more unique polishes from Salon Perfect (like ones that look like floam), but my Walmart has yet to get any of them, and they definitely aren't any in their Fall collection.  Bottom line?  I guess I'm kind of on the fence about them.  I like them, just don't see anything special about them.  I will keep my eyes open though to see what they release in the future.  What do y'all think of them?
Be sure to check back tomorrow for Try It On Tuesday!  I have a super special polish planned.  Happy Polishing!!