Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge: Hot!

Hey Y'all!!  Happy Hump Day!!  Since I'm a little behind, I'm going to get straight to the post.  Since it's Wednesday, that means it's time for the Mish Mash Challenge!  And today's theme is HOT! 

So I know YOU know the obvious choice, it's the same thing I think of when I hear the word hot, ME!!!!  I mean, what else can it be???  So today's nails should be 10 images of me!  But narrowing down to just 10 proved to be too hard!  LMBO!!!!!!  Just kidding ;)

Ok, my first thought when I saw this theme was pictures of Johnny Depp!!!  But, sadly, my printer was completely out of ink so no pictures, no Johnny mani.  I think I might cry!  I WILL be doing this mani at a future date!  In the meantime, this is what I came up with at the last minute:
A reciprocal rhinestone gradient!!!

I Used:
Julep- Abbie (bright yellow crème)
Julep- Natasha (bright orange crème)
Orly- Unlawful (bright red crème)
Orly- Smolder (dark red shimmer)
Make Up Sponges
Crystazzi Crystal Rhinestones (in four shades from yellow to dark orange)

Ok, not as great as pictures of me (lol) or Johnny...or better yet, pictures of me with Johnny Depp, but I still really like it.  I love gradients and love rhinestones!
I can't wait to see what the other ladies came up with...think they will have manis of me???  LOL

Be sure to check out their fabulous manis in the links below!!  Happy Polishing!!!