Friday, July 26, 2013

Reciprocal Zebra Stripes

Hey Y'all!!  TGIF!!  Anyone have big plans this weekend?  For many around here, this is the last weekend before school starts...can you believe it?  What happened to Summer??  The hubby is supposed to take me out to a nice dinner tonight.  He's trying to make up for stepping on but not seeing the green hoppy thing yesterday.  Yep, a nice dinner out ain't going to get it.  He needs to do more!  I'm thinking something polish/make up related!

Anyway, I have what I'm calling Reciprocal Zebra Stripes for you today:
I Used:
China Glaze- Fancy Pants (blurple with pink and purple shimmer)
OPI- Pompeii Purple (fuchsia with pink shimmer)
Scotch Tape
Medium Liner Brush

I really love my mixed up zebra stripes, and really love these two colors together!  It didn't come out exactly as I saw it in my mind, but it's close. 

So to create this mani, start with two coats of the lighter color; in this case, OPI Pompeii Purple.  Pompeii Purple is a beautiful fuchsia polish with a purple shimmer. Once that has dried completely, use scotch tape to tape a diagonal line on your nails.  Be sure to place and remove the tape a few times first to remove some of the stickiness.
Then paint your second,darker color.  I used China Glaze Fancy Pants (love this color).  It did take two coats.  If you need two coats, you can wait a few minutes in between coats, but don't let the polish dry completely.  Immediately after the second coat (or your first and only), remove the scotch tape.  If you wait it will lift the new polish up.

When that has all dried, use a long, thin brush (I used a medium liner brush) to make the zebra stripes.  Zebra stripes are basically shaky triangles.  Make sure to use the opposite color, especially if your stripe covers both colors.  Then just use top coat to seal in your design!
I hope y'all have a fabulous day!  Happy Polishing!!