Thursday, July 25, 2013

Orly & OPI Glitter Gradient

Hi Y'all!!!  I have to tell you, it is amazing that I am even here today and not dead from fright!  As you may have read on my facebook page, I have a deep seeded, gigantic, incomprehensible fear of green hoppy things (fr*gs to everyone else who isn't scared).  So as I leave my bedroom this morning, I look down and in the hallway, there is a dead green hoppy thing!!!!  Yes I should be happy that it was dead, but you know what?  That didn't make me any less terrified!!  The horror, the horror!  Thank you to the now-a-teen for getting it out of the house.  Although she only did it after finding out I wasn't going to leave my room and take her to dance as long as it was there.  The horror, the horror!!

Anyway, somehow I did survive and I have a fabulous, easy mani for you today!  It is a glitter gradient:

I Used:
Orly- Harmonious Mess
OPI- Pink Yet Lavender

Just to let you know, pictures do not do OPI Pink Yet Lavender justice.  But let me start with Orly Harmonious Mess.  Harmonious Mess is a beautiful periwinkle blue crème that is just so pretty.  I took the now-a-teen to dance while wearing only the Harmonious Mess and received compliments everywhere I went.  The pictures show two coats, which went on perfectly.  The formula was perfect!

Then for the gradient, I used OPI Pink Yet Lavender.  Oh my goodness!!!  This is such a fabulous glitter!!!  It is a clear based polish with micro holographic glitter and medium sized hexagon pink/lavender colored glitter.  And it really is Pink yet Lavender.  I couldn't pin point which color I thought it was.  I do know that it's gorgeous and I love it!!

Start the gradient with one coat of OPI Pink Yet Lavender (or what ever color glitter you choose) over the entire nail.  For the next coat, paint only 2/3 or your nail and for the final coat, paint only 1/3.  You can start from either the tip of your nail (like I did on my ring finger), or from the cuticle (like the rest of the nails).  Finally, add one coat of top coat.  I hope you enjoy today's mani.  For me, I think it's time for wine!  Or a pina colada!  Happy Polishing!!