Thursday, July 11, 2013

Neon Watercolor & Tutorial

Hey Y'all!!  Today I'm headed out with the family on a stay-cation, but before I take off for a few days, I wanted to post this tutorial of my mani.  Just a warning, it's pic heavy.  I love the watercolor technique so much, but more because I tend to make it look more like tie dye, lol.  On another day I will show you the softer watercolor, but for today we're going for BRIGHT!
So that's the final look and here's what you'll need:
Of course, pick any colors you want,  I Used:

China Glaze- Dandy Lyin' Around (shimmery white)
Sinful Colors- Endless Blue (bright blue crème)
Finger Paints- Pink Perspective (bright neon pink crème)
essence- Break Through (bright purple crème)
100% Acetone
Small Brush
The little cup is a glass ramekin I pour the acetone in. ( I bought it really cheap at a dollar store and use it only for this purpose.)

Ok, so I started out with two coats of China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around, a beautiful, shimmery white.  But any white polish will work.  Neon really needs the white to make the colors pop.
Then top with top coat.  Do not skip this step.  Otherwise, your acetone could eat all the way through to your nail and you'll have naked nail showing through.

Then line up the colors you've chosen.  I picked a neon/bright purple, blue, pink, and since I wanted the white to show, I added the white.  Open all the bottles.  Neon dries really quick, so you'll have to do the next steps a little fast.  Simply drop some of the nail polish colors on your nails, making them kind of thick/big:
Next, dip your brush (any small brush will work) into the acetone and swirl the colors around.
(It has to be 100% acetone, but you can find it pretty cheaply at grocery stores)
Make sure you cover all of your base color.  Once it has dried, top with top coat and you're done!
I hope y'all enjoy this tutorial!  I'm off to the aquarium!  Happy Polishing!!!