Tuesday, July 2, 2013

4th of July Mani, 3 Ideas!

Hey Everybody!!  Happy Tuesday!  I hope everyone is having a great day!  I don't know why, but I'm exhausted today.  I just woke up and I'm so ready to go back to bed.  I think I need to schedule a nap today, yawn.

So even though I'm not really in the 4th of July mood, mainly due to all the events being postponed and the horrible weather we are expecting, I did come up with some 4th manicures.  Three in fact!  Although I wore them all the same time, lol.
I Used:
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White (white crème)
Wet-n-Wild- I Red A Good Book (bright red crème)
Sinful Colors- Endless Blue (bright blue crème)
Pure Ice- Silver Mercedes (silver frost)

So do I have enough ideas in one manicure? Lol.  So I did a skittle (the red, silver and blue), water marble and a gradient (or tie dye).  The skittle is easy, just paint your nails alternating between red, white or silver, and blue.
For the water marble, I used the red, silver and blue.  For instructions on how to do a water marble,
And, last but not least, the gradient or tie dye.  Simply get a make up sponge, and paint stripes on the sponge in the order you want the colors to appear.  Then dab the colors on your nails.  As you dab, move the sponge  a little to mix the colors.  It will probably take two to three coats to get the depth of color you want.  Just make sure to let the polish dry between coats.  And of course, don't forget the top coat on all of the designs :)

I hope y'all like today's post!!  See y'all tomorrow for the ABC Challenge!  Happy Polishing!!