Friday, November 30, 2012

Review: Finger Paints- Santa's Magic

Hi Everyone!  I have a new polish review for you today.  It's Santa's Magic from Finger Paints' 2012 Holiday Collection.  If you're looking for a subtle little sparkle, this is not the polish for you.  This is a gloriously blinding glitter bomb!  As you may know, or have figured out, I LOVE GLITTER!! And I own well over 50 glitter polishes, but this one out sparkles them all!

Santa's Magic is a clear based polish absolutely PACKED with medium and micro round holographic glitter.  The formula was perfect.  So many times glitter polish can be thick and goopy, but this went on very smoothly.  The glitter came out really well, I didn't have to dig or place the glitter. 
The pictures show two THIN coats (yep, only two and definitely thin) over three coats of China Glaze Creative Fantasy.  To see one coat, click on Creative Fantasy.  If you wanted, you could probably get complete coverage with three coats.

Removal was a tad difficult.  I suggest the foil method for removing the polish. 
NOTE:  I have instructions for using the foil method for BOTH ACRYLIC and NATURAL nails.

I LOVE this polish!!  I have found my New Year's Eve polish.  And if you're still looking for yours, just imagine this:  a little wave of your fingers and that guy way, way across the room will see you!  Happy Polishing!!

I added this pic so you can see how much this sparkles.  This was taken in my car at night without a flash, just the dim street light.  Gorgeous!