Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Review: China Glaze- Angel Wings

I love this time of year!  Time spent with my family, football, boots and the holiday polish collections come out.  So when I was out this weekend I had to run by my beauty supply store to check them out.  And of course, I had to buy a few.  Just a few :(  The first one I'm reviewing is China Glaze's Angel Wings.

Angel Wing is an extremely dense glitter polish in a clear base with micro gold and holographic glitters.  Bur this polish is actually very subtle.  It isn't the glitter bomb you would think it would be.  The pictures show 1 1/2 coats (I'll explain) of Angel Wings over Orly's Smolder with two coats of top coat.

This is a very elegant polish.  It has a nice, true gold color, not the fake, brassy look a lot of gold glitter can have.  The holographic glitter is not linear, just subtle little flashes of green, orange, blue and red.

The formula was actually wonderful.  A lot of times, glitter polish can be very thick, but Angel Wings was perfect.  There were only a couple of issues with the formula.  Most glitter polishes tend to dry quickly, but this one dries really fast!  Almost as you're putting it on.  It also drags (hence the 1 1/2 coats mentioned above).  Make sure to let each coat dry completely before painting the next one.  If you want your base color to show through, I suggest one to 1 1/2 coats.  Otherwise, two coats would give you complete coverage.

Clean up was easy despite being a glitter.  I was able to remove it from my skin without leaving behind a ton of glitter.  Removal was surprisingly pretty easy too.  I didn't have to result to the foil method (under Tips) to remove it.  And I still have acrylic over my natural nails.

This polish is perfect for the Holiday season.  Worn alone, it would give you that little extra sparkle without blinding anyone (my hubby actually complained that I did that to him once).  If you wanted an even more subtle look, this would be gorgeous as a french nail tip over nude nails or nude polish.  Overall I love Angel Wings and think it's perfect for the Holidays, or any time you just need a little sparkle!  Happy Polishing!!

Out of focus to show you the holographic glitter
Sadly, there wasn't any sun, but it is a very pretty polish