Monday, November 5, 2012

Review: Orly- Smolder

Hi Everyone!!  As you may have read on my Giveaway page, I won the Orly "Dark Shadows" giveaway (and if you haven't entered, go to the Giveaway page now).  When they went to send the package, they were out of Buried Alive, which is my favorite color from that collection.  So instead, they sent Smolder from their Fired Up collection.  I was so happy.  I had been looking forward to this collection since the moment that I heard about it.  Sadly, my Sally's didn't get the collection and by the time I made the trek (yes, trek, 40 mile trek actually) to Ulta, they were sold out :( 

So I was very excited to at least get one of the polishes.  And I wasn't disappointed.  Smolder is gorgeous!!

It's a deep Burgundy with a lighter wine colored shimmer.  It is such a rich, deep color.  It looks beautiful in the shade,

but it comes alive in the sun.  I could (and did!) get lost just staring at it.

The formula was a bit thick, but nothing that a few drops of thinner couldn't fix.  It's such a deep color that you could get away with just one coat.  I used two coats just to make sure I had an even finish.  Smolder settled nice and smooth and without any brush strokes.

How much do I love this polish?  I wore just it, no glitter or nail art, for more than 24  hours.  And I just don't do that.  If you're looking for a gorgeous, rich color that is perfect for the holidays, Smolder is it!!  Happy Polishing!!