Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving French Tip

Good Morning Every one!!  I hope y'all are having a great week.  For my American readers, are you ready for Thanksgiving?  I'm still trying to get my 22 pound turkey to defrost so I can get it into the brine.  Don't tell the food police, but it looks like it's going on the counter to defrost.

Anyway, I have one more Thanksgiving manicure for y'all.  Or if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, this is perfect for fall too!  Here's the final look:
Y'all know I started to do a traditional french tip, but I just don't seem capable of doing that...I have to change it and glitter it up!

I Used:
Finger Paints- Vermillion $ Painting (shimmery Orange)
Ulta- My Two Cents (copper glitter in brown jelly base)
Scotch Tape

I started with two coats of Finger Paints Vermillion $ Painting, a beautiful, shimmery, but really thin Orange:

To help in clean up, I placed one small piece of tape on the side of my nail that the "tail" goes down:
Then you are just going to make a swoosh...start at the bottom of your nail, at the cuticle, and using the brush that came with the polish, slowly move up and over.  You are basically aiming for the top of your swoosh to be at your finger tip line.  The tape will allow you to put just a small part of the brush on your nail, the majority will be on the tape.  Don't panic!  There is no right or wrong to this manicure.  It's just a free-hand design.  Have fun with it!!  I hope y'all enjoy my funky french tip design!  Happy Polishing!!