Friday, November 9, 2012

Fall Glitter Design

Hi Everyone!  I'm sorry this is being posted so late, but it's been a busy day (see the end of the post).  So this is going to be a quick post :)

Here is the final design:

I Used:
Spoiled- Steel the Snow
Orly- Buried Alive
Finger Paints- Fall of Surprises
Scotch Tape

I started with two coats of Spoiled- Steel the Snow, a dark taupe.  Once that has dried completely, use scotch tape diagonally across your nails:

Ok, that picture is for 2nd part, but you get the idea.  I used Orly- Buried Alive, a dark shimmery brown, for the bottom stripe.  As soon as you paint the color remove the tape.  Let the polish dry completely before the next step.

For the last stripe, tape your nails like the picture above.  For the glitter, I used Finger Paints- Fall of Surprises, a pretty copper glitter in a clear base.  This required two coats of polish so leave the tape on your nail until you've completed the second coat.  Don't forget to top the design with a top coat.  I used two coats to get a smooth finish.

So my poor daughter, who shall remain nameless by her order (lol), has been sick for a week and felt horrible today.  And then her baby brother, Count Damon, and baby sister, Countess Delilah weren't feeling well.  My almost teenager won't let me post her picture, but here are her baby siblings:

Count Damon
Countess Delilah
Yes, these are my precious babies (don't judge me) and they rule the house.  So a day with them all feeling yucky meant it took me 12 hours to get this posted.  I hope y'all enjoy the design!!  Happy Polishing!!