Tuesday, February 11, 2014

TIOT: Zoya Ibiza & Finger Paints Symmetrical Symphony

Hey Y'all!!  How's your Tuesday going?  We're getting ready to hunker down for some more serious weather here...or as my buddy, Inky Whiskers, likes to call me...I'm about to be a Southern Fried Popsicle!!  As any of you that live in the US knows, we Georgians don't do winter weather very well.  And this storm is supposed to be even worse!  We're expecting 1/2 to 1/3 inch of ice, then 4 to 6 inches of snow, then another inch of ice.  Plus power outages.  Yay.  So if I'm missing the next day or two, it's cause I'm freezing in the dark!!

But for today, so far, I'm semi warm and illuminated.  And I have my TIOT mani for you!  Today I have Zoya Ibiza and Finger Paints Symmetrical Symphony:
Zoya Ibiza is a dark midnight blue with a very subtle dark blue shimmer.  The pictures show two coats.  This is such a gorgeous dark blue!!  And it looks so deep on the nail.  I love how the shimmer, or frost, is subtle in Ibiza.  The formula was fantastic, despite being frozen during delivery.  My one and only complaint is that this Southern blogger has no earthly idea how to say it's name!!

I then applied one coat of Finger Paints Symmetrical Symphony (and top coat):
Symmetrical Symphony is a clear-ish/milky base with blue and copper iridescent flakies.  The pictures show just one coat, so it really is packed.  Formula for SS was great, I didn't have to hunt and place flakies.  SS is from the Finger Paints Holiday 2013 collection, which for some reason didn't reach my Sally's until late January.  My one concern about this polish is how it will age.  I bought the original flakies from Finger Paints....how long ago?  2012?  2011?  Anyway, the base for the original flakies has turned an ugly yellow color.  I have hundreds of polishes and this is the only set that has ever turned on me.  Oh well, I guess time will tell.
I did use a top coat with this because I think a top coat just makes any glitter or flaky shine and sparkle more.

I hope y'all enjoyed today's post.  And I really hope to see/talk to y'all in the next couple of days cause no power means no heat and we already did the winter storm without heat this year!  Fingers crossed!  Happy Polishing!!