Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spring Event at Saks Fifth Avenue

Hey Y'all!!!!  Yesterday, the now-a-teen and I spent the day at Saks Fifth Avenue of Atlanta checking out and playing with all the new Spring Make Up collections!  Now, I know what you're thinking....Saks???  She must be made of money....NOPE!!  Trust me, EVERYONE can shop at Saks!!  Especially in their make up department!  Don't get me wrong, if you're wanting the newest Jimmy Choo sandals and Michael Kors purse, you are going to need a small bank, but their make up is wonderfully priced!!  They even sell Clinique!!

So on to the event!!  Right now, all the new Spring make up collections are hitting the store and many of the companies have sent their top make up artists to introduce the new lines.  Who doesn't want to be primped and pampered by an expert?  I didn't realize that Giorgio Armani sold make up!  I know, duh, where have I been?  So I decided to try their make up and met the fabulous Armani National Make Up Artist, Blair Mathis:
First, let me assure you, these are not hard, in your face salespeople.  Honest!  They truly only want to make you happy.  And they are thrilled to show you their company's make up and make you look
gorgeous.  You really should take advantage of their knowledge!!  They can teach you how to do any make up look you want, from highlighting to smoky eyes, introduce you to colors that look fabulous on you that you had no idea would look great, they can answer any question you have and they are so friendly!!  Just be honest with them!  I'm not a big fan of pink, so I said, please no pink...not a problem.  If you're just curious and only want to learn about the products, no problem.  They're there to help.
And YES!!  It's perfectly ok to ask the price!!  Trust me!  I asked the price of each and every object!  And no, you don't have to buy it all, or even any of it.  But I will say I have found some of my favorite products this way.  Like in this visit!  My new foundation is definitely Armani!! (Look for my review coming soon!!!)
AND, Saks Fifth Avenue has a fabulous gift with purchase going on!!  Spend $100 on any make up product and get a fabulous tote bag with some wonderful samples in it. 
There are the bags to the far right in the above photo.
The photos here were taken at my Saks, in Atlanta at Phipps Plaza.  If you have a Saks near you, seriously, get there!!  Now is such a great time to go if you've never been.  But even if you miss this event, still go.  The regular staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful (and not pushy, promise)!  If you don't have one near you, the tote bag offer is available on line to at their website!

Have fun and Happy Exploring!!

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