Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mish Mash Challenge: Seasons

Hey Y'all!!  I'm so sorry I've been missing this week, but last week kicked my butt!!  Here's last week's weather:
Monday: 60's
Tuesday: Ice (3 inches)
Wednesday:  Snow (6 inches)
Thursday: Snow (1 inch)
Friday:  Earthquake
Saturday:  30-40 mph winds
Sunday:  Earthquake

And today??  70's!  WTH??  I think someone is really hating Georgia right now!!  We must have been really bad, huh?  But the weather made the week nuts, not to mention getting the now-a-teen to all of her dance classes that were switched all around.  But I made it!

Today is the last Mish Mash Challenge :(  I'm so sad :(  But, after a little time off, I'm sure we will all be back with another new challenge!  Everybody just needs some time to recoup.  But on to the challenge!  This week's theme is Seasons!  And if you can't tell by all my blog rants, facebook rants and instagram rants....I'M SICK OF WINTER!!!  I want Summer!!!  I want to be hot!  I want the sun!!  I wanna wear shorts!  Uh-hum, so I chose Summer.  I went with a water marble to reflect the beach:
I Used:
China Glaze- Fast Track (beige with gold shimmer)
China Glaze- Turned Up Turquoise (neon turquoise shimmer)
Orly- Teal Unreal (dark teal crème)
China Glaze- White on White (white crème)

I was so frustrated with this design!!!  I used 4 different teals/turquoise and they all bubbled!!  And I was determined to do this design with these colors.  The China Glaze Fast Track is for the beach, then two shades for the water.  I love the actual design....hate the bubbles!!
I hate that my last Mish Mash design was a fail, but after three different attempts...I just ran out of time...and patience!  I think it's the weather's fault.  I know I've lost patience with the weather!!
Be sure to check out all the other fabulous ladies and they're seasonal designs!!  And keep your eyes open for the next challenge.  Meanwhile, if anyone knows of a challenge I can join, let me know!  I'm already having withdrawals!!  LOL!  Happy Polishing!!

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