Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finger Paints: Vivid Reflection & Colorful Dream

Hey Y'all!!  How's your Thursday going??  Mine is going pretty good.  We finally have hot water again!!  Plus a new water heater.  And it's a gorgeous day...actually 75 degrees!!  It gets cold tomorrow, but at least we're having a perfect Spring day today!

Today I have two of the Finger Paints 2013 Holiday Collection.  I showed you Symmetrical Symphony to you last week, and today are the only other two I bought.  Since every picture I've seen of this collection has been over black, I went with dark green and mauve-ish for these swatches.

Colorful Dream
Colorful Dream is a multi-colored flakie in an almost clear base.  The colors of flakes include blue, green, gold, pink, iridescent rainbow!  The formula was great, no hunting or balding required.  It dried to a nice, flat, glossy surface.  Photos show two coats over Julep Diane, a dark forest green crème, without top coat.
I loved this, and think it will be gorgeous over neons for the summer!
And here is Julep Diane on it's own.  This is two coats without top coat:
I loved this color too!  It was a bit thin but became fully opaque in two coats.
Vivid Reflection
Vivid Reflection is a pink, lilac and gold flakies in a clear-ish base (I keep saying clear-ish because it looks slightly milky when applying it to the nail, but doesn't seem to effect the base color).  Pictures show two coats without top coat, because again it dried smooth and flat. 
I really liked Vivid Reflection!  I think it looks more delicate than the other colors, but maybe that's because I put it on a lighter color.  The effect is definitely more subtle.  But then I think this entire collection has a more subtle effect than their flakie collection from last year.  The formula was the same here as for Colorful Reflection.
I used Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Good To Grape as the base.  The picture shows two coats without top coat.
The formula was great, although a bit thin.  If I was going to wear this alone, I would have added a third coat, just to make sure it was completely opaque.
So what do y'all think?  Did you buy any from this collection?
I hope y'all enjoy the rest of you day!  Happy Polishing!!