Monday, February 10, 2014

Review: Sinful Colors Bolacious Collection, Part 2

Purchased by me

Hey Y'all!! I'm so sorry I didn't get this up Friday.  My now-a-teen's surgery took a lot longer than expected.  She did great!  But sadly, she has two more to go.  Anyway by the time we got home, I was exhausted.  Then we were up early for a long day of dance then home with 4 now-a-teens for a sleepover/birthday party.  I've decided that I'm too old for sleepovers!  It wore me out!!

But I finally have the second part of the Sinful Colors Boldacious collection!!  And I have to say this half is probably my favorite!  So let's get started!!

Feel The Vibe
Feel The Vibe is a highly pigmented bright orange crème polish.  Pictures show three coats with top coat.
The formula was great, wonderful consistency.  Although it did take three coats to make sure there weren't any bald spots.  And it did take a little longer to dry than some of the other colors, but it's such a purty color, it didn't matter to me!  I loved wearing this color!

Hip To Be Square
Hip To Be Square is a highly pigmented periwinkle blue crème.  Pictures show three coats with top coat.
The formula is great.  Like with all the light colors in this collection, I used three coats to make it completely opaque, but with this one, it was because of the photos.  To the naked eye, two coats would have been fine.  Drying time was great.  LOVE this color!!

Chick Chick
Chick Chick is a bright, highly pigmented yellow crème polish.  Pictures show three coats with top coat.
The formula was great on Chick Chick!  I probably could have gotten away with two coats, but as I've mentioned before, the camera sees things the naked eye doesn't.  Drying time was a little long, but so worth it!  Look at this color!  Gorgeous!!  It's a bright yellow without being neon or leaning toward a mustard color.  Love it!!

Go Go Boots
Go Go Boots is a saturated purple crème that leans towards the blue.  Pictures show two coats with top coat.
Obviously this is my absolute favorite from the collection because it's purple.  Sorry, I'm not sorry :p  But it's such a gorgeous shade of purple!!  Love!!!!  This color makes my heart happy!!

I have to tell y'all, this is one of my favorite collections to come out in a long time!!  As you may have guessed by looking through my blog, I'm not much of a pastel girl, and finding so many bright colors just made my week!!  Sinful Colors polish can be found at Walgreens and Rite Aid for $1.99 each.

Or you can WIN the entire collection in my GIVEAWAY (just click here)!!!!!

Hope y'all are having a great week!!  Meanwhile, we're preparing for more ice...yay,  Happy Polishing!!

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