Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Inspired by Artwork, R31DC

Hi Everyone!!  I'm so excited!  I feel better...finally!  I have my first post with Metro Atlanta Beauty Bloggers, this post with a new technique (for me), and one more post for the ABC Challenge.  So I need to get started!  Here is the artwork that inspired my manicure today:
The Sound by Jacqueline Maldonado
And my interpretation:
I Used:
Nina Ultra Pro- French White
China Glaze- Creative Fantasy
China Glaze- Turned Up Turquoise
Orly- Royal Navy
100% Acetone
Small Detail Brush
I loved this print the second I saw it on Pinterest.  It's just gorgeous!!  And has my favorite colors.  Matching those colors turned out to be difficult, but I like the polishes I picked.  I made this design using the "watercolor" method.  I LOVE this technique!!  This was my first attempt at it, but I will be doing it again very soon (maybe I will try harder to match the colors of the print) and promise to have a tutorial with it.
I have one more post for today, so I need to go do the mani for it (the ABC Challenge).  Be sure to check out the other Inspired by Artwork manicures from these very talented ladies!  Happy Polishing!!