Monday, February 18, 2013

Dotty Pedicure

Hi y'all!!  I told you I had a lot for you today!!  I hope you have checked out my new tip on saving your hands from acetone and my review of OPI Stay the Night Liquid Sand!!  And now I have a new pedicure for you.  I'm so sorry because I seem to forget to post my pedicures.  But that is going to change starting now!!  (fyi: any of the manicures I've posted with the exception of water marbles, can be done on your toes too!!)

So here is my current pedicure (and forgive the scrunched up toes, but man it was cold outside when I took these):
I Used:
Sinful Colors: Black on Black (black crème)
Orly- Purple Crush (purple neon)
Dotting Tools (check out my tip page for household alternatives)
Scotch Tape

I started by painting my toes, alternating between the purple and the black (remember to use a base coat, just like on your finger nails).  I did this because I could fit the design on my big toes only.  One of the many curses of having small feet!  That and never finding grown up shoes in my size!!  Grrrrr!!  Anyway, if your nails are bigger then paint all of them with the purple.  My big toe was painted first with the purple.

When the purple dried completely, place scotch tape diagonally across your nail and paint a thicker coat of black.  Immediately remove the tape.  Then using the opposite color, place dots along that diagonal line:
Alternate the color and sides you dot.  In other words, dot one black dot on the purple side, then one purple dot on the black side.  Do this all along the line and it will look like the dots are melting into the sides.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  No one is going to get that close of a look.  Mine are a tad off, but my feet are so darn far away!!  Once that line is finished, dab on dots in the opposite color to fill in the space.

If you can do this design on all your toe nails, yay!  If not, I just painted my toes, alternating between the purple and black and then dotted them with the opposite color.  Don't forget your top coat.

I hope y'all enjoy this pedi, and I promise to be more vigilant on posting my pedicures.  As always, if you have any questions let me know.  Leave a comment below or email me (address is on the Contact page).  Happy Polishing!!